Thursday, 22 March 2012

All That Glitters - Cha Cha Twist

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woohoo, past 200 followers now, starting to get a big head everyone!
A giveaway is in the works, just need to decide what the prizes will be. I think I'll have a competition this time, rather than just a entry form to fill out; could be a bit more fun!

Today I've got Cha Cha Twist to show you from indie brand All That Glitters:

Cha Cha Twist - 2 coats - white light

Cha Cha Twist - 2 coats - white light
Cha Cha Twist - A blue tinted base filled various sized glitters in red, blue, aqua and silver. Some of the medium blue hex is holographic/iridescent. Needs alot of topcoat, but I think I'll wear it 1 coat layered over another polish so that should cut down on the amount of top coat!!! Really cool polish, I recommend :)

Sorry about the mess around the nails, it's mainly dried Seche Vite as I was too lazy to do any clean up before the pics. Typical Michaela :)

Also want to show you a quick skittle swatch of the Guppy polishes that just arrived!

L-R: #18, #04, #05, #06

Index - pinkie: #15, #14, #13, #17
 I got these off ebay for $3 each I think and they look very promising, especially the coral! A couple bottles were absolutely ruined in the post! They smashed at the neck with 1 spilling all over the others and completely drying out. Luckily the other was salvageable so I poured the leftovers into an empty bottle.
Can't wait to do full swatches of these lovelies!!!!

FYI: You purchase All That Glitters nail polish HERE



  1. Cha Cha Twist is so interesting!! And the guppy polishes look awesome too! So sparkly <3

  2. cha cha twist looks amazing! nice pictures!

  3. cha cha twist looks great! i missed out on it, but i have an all that glitters order coming in soon:D

  4. I want to get Cha Cha Twist. I have a few of ATG's polishes but I want to get more.

    Also the Guppy's look gorgeous! Beautiful skittles. :)


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