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A England: The Legend Swatches & Review

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I’m procrastinating in a major way. Instead of writing an essay on the causes of WWI; I’m writing about A-England, The Legend Collection!

Adina based her second collection on the legend of The Princess and the Dragon.

I got 5/7 polishes:
Saint George
The Dragon
Princess Sabra/Tristram’s Eyes
Princess Tears
Order of the Garter

I’m likely to pick up Bridal Veil & Ascalon next time Adina has a sale too, as well as some of The Mythicals that are on my wishlist!!!

I swatched these guys all in one go, but I haven’t actually managed to wear any as a full manicure yet. There’s just so much incoming polish and so little time!!! God help me, there’s more on the way. But soon I’ll have to lock it down and put myself on a no buy again!!!

Just to note: the formula and application was great on all the polishes. And the finish on Adina’s holo polish is so perfect! I never feel the need to put top coat on, it dries fast and doesn’t feel like it’ll chip easily.

The Dragon - 2 coats - sunlight

The Dragon - 2 coats - closeup

The Dragon - 2 coats - shade

The Dragon is a beautiful green with strong gold shimmer (so much so that I almost think it’s a duochrome) and a scattered holographic effect.  The holo is strong in this one. It has the same great formula as the rest and I used 2 coats for optimum coverage. I find that Dragon is very flattering on my skin and I love that the green has military/khaki leanings. Tres chic!

Saint George - 2 coats - sunlight

Saint George - 2 coats - shade

Saint George - 2 coats - close up

Saint George is uber popular! A rich teal green scattered holo – it goes on smooth as butter (that’s been softened, not out of the fridge which I often struggle to spread on my morning toast!), and with a bit of practice could be a one coater. I’m wearing 2 coats here and the shine is perfection.

Princess Sabra - 2 coats - sunlight

Princess Sabra - 2 coats -close up

Princess Sabra - 2 coats -shade

Princess Sabra is inspired by Adina’s adorable and seriously perfect looking kitty Tristram’s golden eyes. It’s somewhere between antique and muted yellow gold, so there are greenish leanings. It actually reminds me a bit of dirty 9K gold jewellery!!!!The holo effect is pretty strong on this one, almost linear. It’s a fairly flattering gold on me too, which is not often the case!!! Two coats like the others.

Princess Tears - 3 coats - sunlight

Princess Tears - 3 coats - sunlight

Princess Tears - 3 coats -close up

Princess Tears - 3 coats - shae

Princess Tears is a name I’m not keen on TBH. Just sounds off to me; maybe because there is already another Princess polish, or maybe it’s just that I feel grammatically it should be “Tears of a Princess”? Anyone agree? No? Moving on... Princess Tears is a beautiful muted lilac with strong flashes of pink and a scattered holographic finish. This definitely falls in to my definition of a duochrome. At times it can look quite grey/silver too. It’s so beautiful in the sun and shade (which isn’t always a given with holos) and the pink flash is too darn pretty and more obvious than it seems in the photos! This one is a little less pigmented than the others so I used 3 coats for complete coverage.

Order of the Garter - 3 coats - sunlight

Order of the Garter - 3 coats - overcast

Order of the Garter - 3 coats -close up

Order of the Garter  is the only non-holo in the 7 piece collection. It’s also probably my favourite! There have been several dark blue shimmer/glitter/glass fleck polishes released since the end of last year. To name a few:  China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve & Orly Stone Cold; but OOTG is by far the best! It’ a muted sort of royal blue, in fact the ‘dullness’ probably puts it in to the medium blue category. It’s got sort of chunky light blue glass fleck/flakie shimmer in it and is so amazing in person. I’d be beyond happy if Adina’s next collection contained some other colours in the same finish!!!!!! I’m just imagining a black or magenta in this style!!
OOTG needs at least 2 coats and I think I might have worn 3 for the photo. The formula was a bit thick but it spread beautifully (I actually quite like a thick polish) and was a bit of a self leveller.

If you can get your hands on The Legend, do it!!!! A England is available on a number of US websites (Llarowe, Ninja Polish, Overall Beauty) as well as its own website which offers free international shipping. I bought mine straight from A England because the exchange rate has been very favourable of late and I’m a sucker for free shipping, plus there is never the problem of the shade you want being sold out!

I’ve seen people using The Legends for stamping too, so I can’t wait to try that out (though I don’t like using my special, expensive polishes for stamping, it’s so wasteful!!!!!).



  1. I have Dragon, Sabra and St George and LOVE them!

  2. I made an order for these like a month a go, but it got lost in the mail, so Adina said she would send them again! I hope they arrive soon, 'cus I really can not wait.

  3. Oh my gosh, such great pictures! You can really see the shimmer and the holo. So beautiful. I can't wait to swatch mine. It's been raining like crazy so I've had no sun, but I'm hopeful this may be the week!

  4. So pretty! I don't have any A-England polishes yet but I think I need to order some. And by some, I mean all of them.


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