Tuesday, 27 March 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colors Fast Track

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Hello all,

Bit of a blow to the old ego today... I had my first GFC follower Unfollow me!!! Bit of a rejection! I can't even get closure waah wah wah!
Haha, oh well I'll live. If I'm doing something wrong do tell guys.

Now segwaying to another topic; I follow a blog called Never Enough Nails and lately I've been empathising in a major way!!!!
I went hauling Feb-Mar and for the first time in history I haven't swatched every polish as I receive it. (Just to be clear, I don't necessarily photograph each polish as I swatch it, but I like to paint 1 hand with each colour so that I can get the full effect of the polish and decide if it's a keeper or not.) There is just not enough time in the day/night and not enough nails to try out all my new polishes on! Sometimes I think it'd come in handy having a couple of daughters around for the extra fingers and toes!!!!
My nails have also been struggling to keep up with the volume of lacquer being applied and removed from my nails so they're very weak and are pretty darn short at the moment :( 

After a week I've finally managed to slap on Fast Track - my favourite polish from the Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection from China Glaze.

Fast Track - 3 coats - sunlight

Fast Track - 3 coats -close up

Fast Track - 3 coats -white light

Fast Track is kind of beige verging on a light taupe choco-block full of fine gold flecky shimmer! It's so gorgeous and a really work friendly colour with a little oomph.
I see hints of green in the shimmer every now and then, whether it's just wishful thinking or reality? I'm not entirely sure.
I used 3 coats for the photos, but at 2 it looked fairly opaque. The formula is quite thin and really spreads, so I recommend leaving only a very small amount of polish on the brush or it'll flood your cuticles. I found that 2-3 very thin coats went on beautifully though.

Do you have Fast Track? Do you want it? Do you hate it? Drop me a line!!



  1. I LOVE this one! It looks beautiful on you!

  2. ARGH! I am so much in love with this polish! It's in my "basket", I just need to find time to finish putting through the order! Can't wait to have this in (/on) my hands!!!

    1. haha, my basket is waiting for money to go into my bank acc so that i can press 'confirm'!!!!

    2. yea that's pretty much my situation too!

  3. Oh, nice shimmer! I like this one.

  4. This is my favourite from what I've seen from the collection too :]

  5. What kind of camera do you use? :)

    1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH2. I really want a DSLR but really can't afford!!!

  6. Well I hope you cheered up, unfollow or not you still will get new followers and you got me a new follower so cheer up <3 <3 No worries and keep those nice swatches coming in...

    All the way across the world from Singapore

    <3 <3

    BTW I have this Fast Track on my nails now and they look awesome eh haha <3


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