Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile - Wicked

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Hey guys,

I'm back with another one of Lacey's nail polish palette creations, Wicked. If you haven't heard about Lacey's unique custom lacquers here is a previous post where I explain it a little or you can watch a video explaining how to apply her polishes  here.

 This one is inspired by Elphaba and the musical Wicked.

Wicked - 3 coats - sunlight

Wicked - 3 coats -sunlight

Wicked - 3 coats -white light

Wicked is a soft black/brown jelly-ish base with turquoise, purple and silver regular sized glitter. It applies really nicely using the Liquid Fusion brush, but I advise stirring the palette a couple of times during application to maximise the glitter on your nail.
I topped Wicked with a coat of Liquid Fusion and it gave the nicest shine. It doesn't quicken the hardening of the lacquer (like SV) so it's still a bit dent-able for awhile, but it is quick drying.

I do like this polish, but the version I got is a bit different to the listing photos.

photo taken from Lacey's Etsy store listing for Wicked
I really like the glitter combination in the listing photo. See how awesome the dark green and orange are?!!! So I'm a bit sad, but it's still a nice polish and I do LOVE a soft black :)
I just ordered a few more of Lacey's creations, too!! Someone save me from myself!!

To order Lacey's creations visit her Etsy Store LaceyLous'sStockpile. Here polishes are $8.75 per 0.5oz palette (including mixing stick, instructions and Liquid Fusion).



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