Sunday, 18 March 2012

St Paddy's Day Manis - PART 2

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Hey ladies,

As promised my St Patrick's Day manicure:

Nubar Reclaim - 2 coats - white light

Nubar Reclaim - 2 coats - white light

Nubar Reclaim - 2 coats - white light

Pot of gold - closeup
 I picked Nubar Reclaim to wear for St Patty's Day. 1) it's an amazing linear holo. 2) I never get a chance to wear it so what better time than on St Patrick's Day?!
Reclaim has a fantastic formula unlike most holos and went on perfectly in 2 coats. I used Out the Door topcoat.

My accent nails were pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. I blocked out the details in OPI Alpine Snow then added the rainbow 1 strip at a time top to bottom using:
OPI Keys To My Karma
OPI A Roll In The Hague
OPI The 'It' Color
OPI Don't Mess With OPI
Barry M Cobalt Blue
China Glaze Urban Night
Next I painted on the pot using Nubar Midnight Sky (matte) and made the gold coins using a dollop of China Glaze Passion (gold chrome) and Solar Flare for the glitter hex.

I was pretty proud of these nails. I kept it simple because I was in a time crunch but they looked really good in person and I didn't have any dents or scratches to ruin it like usual!!!! But I partied with all guys so I didn't get any compliments!!!! Guts. haha

What are you wearing for the Saint's day?



  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love Reclaim as a base for this mani and your accent nail! I want to get my hands on the Nubar. I've been wanting it forever. It's perfect for SPD! :)

  2. Wow great job on the nail art! It looks gorgeous! <3

    ~ Yun


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