Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pretty & Polished minis - swatches & review

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Sad Sunday to you all!

Sunday's are so depressing!!! I never want to go to sleep because I know when I wake, the weekend will have ended.

Actually the afternoon sun is just starting to warm up my bedroom (because it faces full west) and I've got the radio on so my Sunday's feeling quite lax right now :)

So I bought some Pretty & Polished mini bottles round my b'day and realised I hadn't posted them for you yet. Chelsea's got some really great lacquers at her etsy store and I managed to pick up 3 of them.

CCBB - 2 coats - white light

CCBB - 2 coats - closeup

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is a sheer light pink filled with golden shimmer and multi-coloured hex glitters. In the photos I applied 2 coats to my natural nails but this is probably a polish that most would wear layered. I think it's beautiful! The delicate shimmer is so pretty and the hex glitter adds a bit of fun! Application was great, not too thick or thin and it went on really even with good glitter dispersion.
Fun Haus - 2 coats - white light

Fun Haus - 2 coats - white light
Funhaus is a dirty light pink with weak linear holographic effect. To be honest I was a bit disappointed by Funhaus. I was hoping the holo would be stronger :( But it has a pleasing formula, applies like a really opaque creme and I didn't really need the second coat. I also didn't get to see this is full sun because we had really crappy weather when I swatched it so... I kind of like that it's a dirty pink because it makes it a bit more of a wearable work colour. Most of the pinks I have are either baby pink or really bright/bold and super girly!!

Jawbreaker - 2 coats - natural light

Jawbreaker - 2 coats - natural light

Jawbreaker - 2 coats - close up

Jawbreaker is definitely my favourite! It has a soft white (leans slightly pink) base and is filled with tons of  glitter in different sizes, shapes and colours. There's small purple standard glitter, blue, yellow and red small hex glitter, large blue hex glitter, green bar glitter and a smattering of large red square glitter. The application was great with a good dispersal of the different glitters and only 2 coats to give full coverage. The only fly in the ointment was that it was tricky to get the red squares onto the nail. They are obviously more dense than the other glitters so really liked to hover around the bottom of the bottle!!! I had to spend some time fishing them out for the photos. Other polishes I own with red square glitter seem to have the same problem too fun-illy enough!

Have you got any of Chelsea's polishes at home?
You can check them out at her etsy store Pretty & Polished

Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sundays!



  1. Both pretty but I love jawbreaker! And the name is perfect! (:

  2. Wow they are all so pretty! I need to get me some! Jawbreaker is so cool.

  3. I love Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang! The gold shimmer in it makes it so pretty.

  4. I just got some of her polish as well, now I want Jawbreaker!

  5. Love these! I love Chelsea's polishes. They're all so awesome. I have Jawbreaker on its way to me and I can't wait! :D

  6. I really like Jawbreaker and CCBB. The multi glitters seen so happy and merry, hehe

  7. Jawbreaker looks amazing :P


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