Sunday, 28 April 2013

Literary Lacquer An Honest Puck

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Hey ladies & gents,

How are your weekends going?
I painted two of my nine year old neighbours' nails today (they always come round to play with the dogs). And they chose the best Orly lacquers; true style: Elation Generation and Miss Conduct.
I love to see that the force is strong in the next generation!

My lovely polish friend Sparkly Vernis  got me hooked on An Honest Puck, when I saw her swatches, and I managed to finally get my own bottle in January. It's part of the inaugural A Midsummer's Night Dream Collection. I swoon over unique browns (even if I don't end up wearing them!), and 'Puck' is no exception to the rule.

Literary Lacquers An Honest Puck

An Honest Puck has a warm brown base with gold flake glitter, coffee, tan and emerald hex glitter and sea green square glitter. The formula is pleasing, requiring just two coats for good coverage. In the shade it looks quite chocolate, but in brighter lighting ie. sunlight, Puck looks more mahogany.
I adore the green glitter - especially the squares - it really pops. I used one coat of Glitter Gloss to finish.

Literary Lacquer is available on Etsy for US$10 a bottle. International shipping is available, hooray!!!

How do you feel about browns? Yay or nay?



Friday, 26 April 2013

Candeo Colors Prenses Ros & Strea Cende

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Greetings readers/nail aficionados!!

Yesterday was ANZAC Day (originally the commemorative day for all the Aussie & Kiwi soldiers who perished at Gallipoli in WWI, and now a day for paying tribute to all our armed service war veterans).
I was shockingly bad this year, I didn't go to a Dawn Service (ok I haven't been to one since I was a kid and the whole family got up and went to the Central Hamilton one for my Nana, who was a WAC in WWII. She fed all the soldiers who were training at the Papakura Army Camp; go Nan!!!! She's a bloody mean baker :) ) or watch any documentaries on TV.
But my excuse is that my sister came back from Melbourne for the first time since July last year, so we cleaned and baked in the morning and spent the rest of the day with her.

Funnily enough, it doesn't feel like 9 months since I've seen her - just like when I catch up with old school friends! And the dogs are in seventh heaven. Especially Charlie - not sure Buster remembers her :)

My eldest sister also arrives back in NZ today from Saudi Arabia. I haven't seen her since July last year either (my Nana's 90th Birthday, was the last time everyone came home), so it's a busy few days for me. Thank God I'm on holiday!!!

Now on to the POLISH:
These semi-sheers from the Candeo Aruba Collection are my new 'go to' soft shades. I finally took some photos to share with you!

Candeo Colors Prenses Ros

Prenses Ros is a semi-sheer soft candy pink with silver holo hex glitter. This one starts out very sheer, but after four coats the pink really deepens and my VNL wasn't too obvious. It isn't loaded with glitter, but once you get a couple of coats down it's a glitter sandwich in one lacquer. I found the formula to be a bit streaky after one or two coats, but application is fairly nice. I just love the outcome Prenses Ros has. You don't expect the pink to pop so much and the holo glitter glows in all light!

Candeo Colors Strea Cende

Strea Cende is a semi-sheer warm nude with gold holo glitter, light copper glitter and golden shimmer. She's a beaut!!!! Maybe it pulls a tad orange on me, but who knows, that might just be my horribly stained nails' doing!!! In fact my tips could have used some whitening, they look pretty manky in these photos! The formula was again easy to apply and I didn't have any issue with streakiness. I used three coats and there is a little VNL, but it looks right with a sheer shade, you know? I did top it with some some sort of top coat which is why there are a few air bubbles, my bad.

You can find these pretties and many more on Candeo Colors' website for US$9 a piece. They offer international shipping and Llarowe stocks them too.

Do you have any Candeo lacquers? I'm still lemming Jellybean, even if I never end up wearing yellow polish. It just looks so fun! Would've been a great Easter manicure, darn it!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My New Dollish Polishes Swatches & Review

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Ok, I have a bumper post for y'all here!

I asked my Facebook followers if they wanted to see my newest Dollish Polish's in one post or one a day over the week and 'all at once' won, so prepare yourselves for seven days of awesomeness in one photo heavy post!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Comparisons: Light Blue with Pink Flakie Shimmer

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Hey everyone,

I never do comparison posts, but I've been going through my stash lately (making swatch sticks!!!) and I have loads of similar lacquers, sometimes on purpose (because I just can't get enough) and sometimes because I didn't do enough research before I hit the 'confirm purchase' key!!!!

This is a rather shameful admission for a nail blogger, but just between you and me, some are too similar, like I actually have the urge to get rid of them, similar, SHOCK, HORROR!

From time to time - depending on my level of motivation - I'll put up a comparison post and for everyone out there that is strung out lemming for a polish I feature, I hope these comparisons help you make the SMART decision for your stash :)

To kick it off I've compared (L-R): Cult Nails Princess, Shahnaz Husain 203 Saphire, Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise and Sinful Colors Cinderella

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sparkly Pink Layering

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This was supposed to be the return of my Pink Wednesday posts!!! Oh well, better late than never, huh? Pink Friday is plenty of fun too.

Devotees may remember when I reviewed a BK matte pink polish for BPS, I told you I would be posting pics of the polished lashed with glitter... And here they are:

OPI I Lily Love You over BK Nail Polish matte #06 

I love all the iridescent glitter in ILLY! The Good Lord knows I can't pass up a square glitter, but those mylar flakes are a bitch! I always get one or two that stick up and top coat can never tame them!!! So polish makers PLEASE stop putting ridiculously thick and relatively large mylar flakes in pretty lacquers :)

There still wasn't quite enough glitz going on so I added a cheeky layer of Ozotic!

Ozotic Beam 906 over OPI ILLY & BK matte #06

Mmmm, so shimmery and pink. I probably ought to have put the shimmer on first though, because the glitter got a little suffocated. Eh, comme si comme ca.

Did you sport pink nails this week? If so what?!!! I'm on a pink kick, myself.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pretty Serious Twinkling Lights

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Back from the unplanned hiatus. Been uninspired and sick and it's really taken a kick in the lady parts to get back in to this!
What have all my wonderful readers been up to?!

BTW not sure I announced the winner of the Born Pretty Store $20 voucher giveaway, but the lady in question was notified and received her voucher from BPS a week or so ago. Congratulations, and better luck next time to everyone who entered.

Today I bring you a pretty glitter from Pretty Serious Cosmetics (pretty fitting, no? ok I'll stop now).

Pretty Serious Twinkling Lights over Orly High On Hope

Twinkling Lights is a glitter topper consisting of small copper/bronze and ultra-fine navy blue glitter. It's very simple and yet it's bloody great. The consistency is perfect and the ratio of copper to blue is spot on too. I layered two thin coats over High On Hope and I'm loving the pink shimmer that glows on through!! The glitter lays very flat too so you'll only need one layer of top coat (I think I used Jordana Quick Shine).

Sadly it's sold out on the website but I'm sure it'll be restocked in the not so distant future.

Bye for now,


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Daring Digits Pre Summer Blowout Sale

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Amazing Pre Summer Sale! $6.50 each and ship for free!

Pre Summer Blowout! All polishes are $6.50 with Free US Shipping.

Hi Polish Fans! Today starting at 9am Mountain time. All polishes will be restocked and will be on sale at the incredible price of $6.50. Shipping is FREE on all orders in the US and only $3.00 flat rate to Canada!

This sale will continue only until my current stock is gone, so make sure to get the colors you want before they are sold out!

Copyright © 2013 Daring Digits, All rights reserved.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Press Release: Girly Bits Cosmetics "Spring It On Me!"

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"Spring It On Me!" ~ the latest collection from Girly Bits Cosmetics

Press Release: Girly Bits Cosmetics
"Spring It On Me!"

Press release date: for immediate release
Collection release date: Saturday April 13th, 2013

Announcing "Spring It On Me!", the latest collection available from Girly Bits Cosmetics. A Collection of five spring themed lacquers.
From left to right:
  • Spring It On Me! ~ a lightly tinted, lavender leaning milky base, with pink, pink holo, green, white, silver, and purple holo glitters. It's meant to be layered, and looks best over light pastel colours, or white or grey.
  • Going Bananas ~ a yellow crelly with multiple shades of green, chartreuse, pink, lavender, purple, fuchsia, and a hint of aqua shimmer.
  • Bachelor's Button ~ a cornflower/periwinkle blue holo.
    This beauty is SO hard to photograph.
  • Emerald City Lights ~ a shimmer top coat. A nod to the love of the Columbian Emerald and it's deep green and the subtle blueish glow from within. Energizing and calming all at the same time.
  • Emerald City ~ a creme/jelly that gets full coverage in three coats.
From left to right:
  • Going Bananas
  • Spring It On Me!
  • Bachelor's Button
  • Emerald City Lights
  • Emerald City
Where to find "Spring It On Me!":

Spring It On Me! will be available Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at Girly Bits store.   Retail pricing on Girly Bits is as follows:
  • Going Bananas ~ $10.00
  • Spring It On Me ~ $10.00
  • Bachelor's Button ~ $10.00
  • Emerald City ~ $10.00
  • Emerald City Lights ~ $11.50
  • Spring It On Me! (Bundle of All 5) ~ $50.00
  • Emerald City Duo (Bundle of 2 - Emerald City & Emerald City Lights) ~ $18.50

Please check with our  Authorized Distributors for release dates and pricing.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mid Week Spam-a-lam-a-damn-thon!

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Howdy Pardners!

Feeling a little loopy, bam-a-lam!
Just watched The Mindy Project; wahoo Mindy is finally cottoning on to her feelings for Dr Castellano!!!! Seriously, if Chris Messina worked with me I'd be trying 24/7 to make him fall in love with me!! He's sooooo ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, meow, honk, honk!

I told you I was feeling cray cray.
I cleared out my 'edited' photo folder so you are about to see swatches from as far back as August-December 31st 2012. That's just plain lazy :)

Enjoy - after the jump!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Playing with Foils - a Born Pretty Store Review

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I'm officially in love with foils!!

Born Pretty Store sent me a couple of rolls in blue(#7) and brown(#12) to try out. You get approx. 113 x 2.5cm per pottle.

I was sort of sceptical that I would be able to achieve such an easy and clean transfer, especially since I didn't have any foil glue, but they turned out to be amazingly easy to use and I'll be buying myself more colours in the future.

Wanna see what I did with them?

Elevation Polish Grotte et Cascade with blue and brown foil

I was already wearing Elevation Grotte et Cascade and it happily co-ordinated well with the brown foil, so I added one more layer of GeC and when it was semi-dry, sort of tacky; I placed a piece of the blue foil on to my nail and rubbed my finger over it in a smooth, firm action. I lifted the piece of foiled and viola, it had transferred very cleanly.

I repeated this step using the brown foil and for each nail I tried to muck around with the pattern I was creating. I finished with a layer of Seche Vite, which didn't effect the foil at all. I'm thrilled with the results, and I can see myself using the foil to cover an entire nail - the bright blue would make for an amazing mani! Talk about quick and easy nail art.

The next time you place an order with BPS you can use my coupon QHL91 for 10% off . They offer free worldwide too.

 Are you as crazy about foils as me?!!! Let me know in the comments.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Born Pretty Store Giveaway Winner

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Thanks to everyone who entered the draw to win the $20 voucher from Born Pretty Store.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Tina Shirbroun of Light of the Moon Nails, who has won! I've already heard back from Tina and she will be receiving her voucher shortly.

Thank you also to Born Pretty Store for sponsoring the giveaway. Remember the more you use my 10% coupon QHL91 the more giveaways BPS will sponsor!!!!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Orly High On Hope is magical!

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My first week of clinic is over! And it wasn't quite as frightening as I thought it'd be. I've already fallen in love with a couple of strays that were brought in (a wee wittle puppy, and a teeny kitten that my classmate adopted!!). It's so hard not being able to take them home!
Can't wait for next week when I go back again and get to do more handling!!!

So I love, love, LOVE High On Hope from Orly's Hope & Freedom Fest Collection for Spring 2013!

It's Orly Cosmic FX Space Cadet meets a teal leaning navy crème = AMAZEBALLS

Orly High On Hope

High On Hope is slightly teal leaning navy with pink to green multi-chrome flake shimmer! One of my favourite finishes!!! Application was pretty decent too, I only needed two coats thought they were a little thick. I got a few bubbles/bumps on my middle and index fingernails but I'm not sure if that was my base coat, my application or the polish's fault.

Aaaahhhhh, I love that fuchsia sparkle!!!!!!!! I wasn't expecting Orly to rock out such a gorgeous colour but I have to say from their last few collections there has been one lone stand out shade for me. And this time it's High on Hope.

I just picked up Elation Generation yesterday and it's also pretty special :) I'm sad about the rebranding they've done though :( Luckily my bottles are the old style but I'm not looking forward to the change over, I hate it when my polish labels don't match!!!!

What are your thoughts?


Thursday, 4 April 2013

BK Matte Pink Polish from Born Pretty Store

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Hey guys,

It's my first day of clinic!!! I'm hella scared and really hoping it goes well.

For now, I have another review for Born Pretty Store. This time I tried a matte pink polish by BK Nail Polish. The colour doesn't ring true in these photos, so if it appears slightly neon and orange tinted on your screens, ignore it, the bottle shows the shade of pink correctly.

BK Nail Polish #06

#06 is a medium-dark matte pink. The formula was very similar to all other mattes. It wasn't chalky or anything but I did find it tricky getting an even finish like all mattes also! Remember to let your nails dry/harden longer than glossy finishes because it dents more easily.
You can get your hands on this pink HERE (Item ID: 1030).

Tomorrow I'll show you how #06 looks with a glitter top coat.

Born Pretty Store sells lots of nail art supplies, cheaply and with free international shipping. You can use my 10% off coupon next time you order.

BPS are also sponsoring a $20 gift voucher giveaway for my readers. Enter HERE before Sunday 7 April for your chance to win.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Elevation Tindur - a long lost swatch?

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Happy Easter Monday!

Pretty sure nothing amazing happened to the risen Jesus today - he was still probably spreading the word that he had risen and people were doing the happy dance, maybe that's the rationale behind the four day weekend?
Anyway, it's pretty sweet so I won't continue to question it!

I'm mentally gearing up for a return to class tomorrow, Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! So will leave this short and sweet.
I did lots of Elevation swatches a few months ago and Tindur managed to get lost in my edited file, so here she is:

Elevation Polish Tindur

Tindur is a little hard to describe. It's a very white blue-green pastel with ultra subtle shimmer. So hidden is this shimmer, that it's really only visible to the naked eye in the macro shot! Pretty though.
The application was a bit streaky and uneven like most pastels until the third coat and some Seche Vite evened it out.
I compared Tindur to Essie Who's the Boss and it was obviously bluer so there's a frame of reference for you!

Awh, looking at these photos is making me sad, my nails were so beautifully long-ish. Boy, I hope the animals at my first clinic are super cute to make up for the nubs I'm sporting!!! There's bound to be one sweetheart :)

Enjoy your last day of vacay bliss! Ooohhh and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY



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