Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pretty Serious Twinkling Lights

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Back from the unplanned hiatus. Been uninspired and sick and it's really taken a kick in the lady parts to get back in to this!
What have all my wonderful readers been up to?!

BTW not sure I announced the winner of the Born Pretty Store $20 voucher giveaway, but the lady in question was notified and received her voucher from BPS a week or so ago. Congratulations, and better luck next time to everyone who entered.

Today I bring you a pretty glitter from Pretty Serious Cosmetics (pretty fitting, no? ok I'll stop now).

Pretty Serious Twinkling Lights over Orly High On Hope

Twinkling Lights is a glitter topper consisting of small copper/bronze and ultra-fine navy blue glitter. It's very simple and yet it's bloody great. The consistency is perfect and the ratio of copper to blue is spot on too. I layered two thin coats over High On Hope and I'm loving the pink shimmer that glows on through!! The glitter lays very flat too so you'll only need one layer of top coat (I think I used Jordana Quick Shine).

Sadly it's sold out on the website but I'm sure it'll be restocked in the not so distant future.

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