Friday, 19 April 2013

Sparkly Pink Layering

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This was supposed to be the return of my Pink Wednesday posts!!! Oh well, better late than never, huh? Pink Friday is plenty of fun too.

Devotees may remember when I reviewed a BK matte pink polish for BPS, I told you I would be posting pics of the polished lashed with glitter... And here they are:

OPI I Lily Love You over BK Nail Polish matte #06 

I love all the iridescent glitter in ILLY! The Good Lord knows I can't pass up a square glitter, but those mylar flakes are a bitch! I always get one or two that stick up and top coat can never tame them!!! So polish makers PLEASE stop putting ridiculously thick and relatively large mylar flakes in pretty lacquers :)

There still wasn't quite enough glitz going on so I added a cheeky layer of Ozotic!

Ozotic Beam 906 over OPI ILLY & BK matte #06

Mmmm, so shimmery and pink. I probably ought to have put the shimmer on first though, because the glitter got a little suffocated. Eh, comme si comme ca.

Did you sport pink nails this week? If so what?!!! I'm on a pink kick, myself.


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