Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mid Week Spam-a-lam-a-damn-thon!

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Howdy Pardners!

Feeling a little loopy, bam-a-lam!
Just watched The Mindy Project; wahoo Mindy is finally cottoning on to her feelings for Dr Castellano!!!! Seriously, if Chris Messina worked with me I'd be trying 24/7 to make him fall in love with me!! He's sooooo ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, meow, honk, honk!

I told you I was feeling cray cray.
I cleared out my 'edited' photo folder so you are about to see swatches from as far back as August-December 31st 2012. That's just plain lazy :)

Enjoy - after the jump!

Happy Hands Afternoon Thunderstorms

 Afternoon Thunderstorms from the Florida collection is a grey, golden flecked shimmer with black glitter. The base is so beautiful! What I wouldn't give to get a batch without the glitter though... The polish isn't think enough for the hexes to sit in without drying to that bumpy finish that you can't get to look glassy and smooth with a normal amount of top coat. You can bet I'll try to apply it sans glitter though!!

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only over Elevation Polish Tindur

 For British Eyes Only is another Bluth inspired polish!!! And I just watched Arrested Development series1-3 for the umpteenth time :) So pretty! A light holo turquoise-teal gem toned holo glitter in a matching jelly/sheer base. I put it over a really light blue/green polish simply because I was too lazy to remove my last manicure... but it still looks beautiful. The formula is super thick, be warned!

Paint Box Polish Ice Cap over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

 Ice Cap is a beautiful white fine flakie, shimmery topcoat. On its own this guy is sheer and streaky but builds to opacity in approximately 4-5 thin coats. I opted to layer 2 coats over a white creme. This might have actually been OPI Alpine Snow, can't recall anymore :( I love the rainbow sparkles you get from the teeny tiny flakes. White sparkly/shimmery polishes just hook me, even though I know their formulas will never be stress free!

 Kunimitsu unknown Halloween glitter over Paint Box Polish Son Of A Nutcracker

 Kunimitsu included a couple of mini bottles of Halloween glitter mixes in my order (plus candy!!!) last October and this was one. Sorry I can't remember the name, it has since found a new home, but see how awesome it looks! It's a mix of metallic fuchsia, purple and swamp green glitter as well as matte black, white and highlighter green glitter in a clear base! I love how the green glitters are the same green only different finishes, makes for a neat effect. This was 2 coats.

 Piper Polish Peace, Love & Rainbows

 Peace, Love & Rainbows is a beautiful olive-forest green holographic with red to green colour shifting shimmer. It's somewhat similar to A England Dragon but PL&R is a deeper green, and less golden. Application is a dream, I think this was 2 coats but if I recall correctly it looked darned near perfect with only one. You might be able to detect the colour shift in the shade close-up - that warm orange red? Hhhmmmmm.

 Milani Orchidia

 Orchidia would NOT photograph right in any light. It's so much warmer/pinker in person. I have at least 4 polishes in this hue and not one registers right with my camera, grrrrrrr. She's a pretty pink-mauve with ultra-fine white flake shimmer- my FAVE finish as devotees will know. Not the best formula/application so I recommend 3 coats!

 Paint Box Polish Son Of A Nutcracker

 Son Of A Nutcracker alright!!!!! Can you believe how flippin' gob smacking he is?!!!!!! Seriously?!
Enough said.
Actually I should mention that this was 4 coats, but still FUCK ME SIDEWAYS WITH A CHAINSAW*, look at them flakes!!!!
 *no offence

 OPI The Color Of Minnie

 The Color Of Minnie is soooooo puurrrrdy! A pink toned red with a subtle glowing pink shimmer. I had to coax it out with the flash on that overcast day, but you get a good idea of how it looks indoors, right? I remember the formula was flawless, great coverage with 2 thin coats. This and A Oui Bit Of Red are my favourite OPI reds!!!!

Essie Turquoise & Caicos jelly sandwich with Forever 21 glitter polish

 Turquoise & Caicos is a minty-jade, milky creme that needs about 3 coats to become opaque. I had a matching coloured iridescent glitter from Forever 21 (the flower bottles?) so I laid a couple coats in between the second and third layer of my T&C. The sparkle was subtle but sooo delicious! Bitch was thick, so I used my Seche Vite and she hardened alright in the end.

Wooowweee, I've exhausted myself and no doubt you too! Peace out. Time for beddy-byes.

Which polish was your favourite?



  1. These polishes are all really pretty!

  2. Great swatches - I really like For British Eyes Only.


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