Sunday, 28 April 2013

Literary Lacquer An Honest Puck

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Hey ladies & gents,

How are your weekends going?
I painted two of my nine year old neighbours' nails today (they always come round to play with the dogs). And they chose the best Orly lacquers; true style: Elation Generation and Miss Conduct.
I love to see that the force is strong in the next generation!

My lovely polish friend Sparkly Vernis  got me hooked on An Honest Puck, when I saw her swatches, and I managed to finally get my own bottle in January. It's part of the inaugural A Midsummer's Night Dream Collection. I swoon over unique browns (even if I don't end up wearing them!), and 'Puck' is no exception to the rule.

Literary Lacquers An Honest Puck

An Honest Puck has a warm brown base with gold flake glitter, coffee, tan and emerald hex glitter and sea green square glitter. The formula is pleasing, requiring just two coats for good coverage. In the shade it looks quite chocolate, but in brighter lighting ie. sunlight, Puck looks more mahogany.
I adore the green glitter - especially the squares - it really pops. I used one coat of Glitter Gloss to finish.

Literary Lacquer is available on Etsy for US$10 a bottle. International shipping is available, hooray!!!

How do you feel about browns? Yay or nay?




  1. I didn't use to like brown, then I met An Honest Puck :)

  2. This looks great! I only have two polishes from Literary Lacquer but I do think I need more!


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