Saturday, 20 April 2013

Comparisons: Light Blue with Pink Flakie Shimmer

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Hey everyone,

I never do comparison posts, but I've been going through my stash lately (making swatch sticks!!!) and I have loads of similar lacquers, sometimes on purpose (because I just can't get enough) and sometimes because I didn't do enough research before I hit the 'confirm purchase' key!!!!

This is a rather shameful admission for a nail blogger, but just between you and me, some are too similar, like I actually have the urge to get rid of them, similar, SHOCK, HORROR!

From time to time - depending on my level of motivation - I'll put up a comparison post and for everyone out there that is strung out lemming for a polish I feature, I hope these comparisons help you make the SMART decision for your stash :)

To kick it off I've compared (L-R): Cult Nails Princess, Shahnaz Husain 203 Saphire, Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise and Sinful Colors Cinderella

Here is what we're dealing with:

As you can see, they're all a little bit different, PHEW! But can I really justify owning all four?!!!!

Close ups:

Cinderella is the palest blue - all powdery and fresh! - and looks best after four coats, yep lots!!!! The gold/orange flash of the shimmery flakes stands out most in Cinderella too. The pink flash is visible too, but it's not really dominant. The formula is sheer and streaky, hence the four coats, but it's so pretty and wearable at the end...

Arctic Sunrise is a gorgeous just lighter than sky blue blue, with very obvious pink shimmery flakes. It's brighter and deeper than all the other blues but the formula is a bit sheer too. I used four coats for these photos, but I could have gotten away with three in person. The flakes are also bigger than in other three polishes. The packed flakes really give it an icy feeling, so points to Girly Bits for some good naming!!

Saphire (yes, I am spelling that correctly - according to the bottle) is a polish I picked up at the ayurvedic hair and beauty salon next to Vet Nurse plus in Botany. I went in to get my eyebrows threaded and found this Indian made brand Shahnaz Husain. It was only $9 and I really wanted to see how it compared to Arctic Sunrise so in the name of 'blog research' I thought, "What the hell?!"
The shimmer is much more subtle and it's a duller blue, but I was very impressed. The formula is a little thin, but it built up nicely in three coats.

 Finally, Princess is sort of the odd one out in this comparison. I only just got this a few weeks ago and I thought it would be so much closer to Cinderella and Arctic Sunrise based on swatches, but it has turned out to be a more grey toned pale blue with very subtle shimmer that appears more coppery. It also only required two-three thin coats so it definitely has the most pigmented and easy to apply formula of the lot - go Cult Nails! There are periwinkle undertones in Princess that I adore!!!

So after all that which one could I ditch (gun to my nails)?
Sad to say, but it'd probably be a toss up between Shahnaz Husain Saphire and Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise. It'd just depend on whether I was feeling young or old on the day!!! Arctic Sunrise is a bit youthful to my weary, 25 year old eyes and Saphire is a tad too boring at the same time!
The worst formula goes to Cinderella though, sorry Sinful.

Which is your favourite? And would you like to see more comparison posts or are they not your thing?



  1. Ohh I think I like Cinderella by Sinful Colors best of all these - colour wise that is. Can't say much about formula since I haven't tried any LOL!

  2. If you want to rehome Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise you can send it to me! *lol* Just sayin'! I love comparison posts and you've done a fantastic job with this one. I especially appreciate the collage pic showing all four, so easy to see differences and similarities doing it that way. As far as which to keep, personally, I keep formulas I like the best.


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