Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My New Dollish Polishes Swatches & Review

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Ok, I have a bumper post for y'all here!

I asked my Facebook followers if they wanted to see my newest Dollish Polish's in one post or one a day over the week and 'all at once' won, so prepare yourselves for seven days of awesomeness in one photo heavy post!

 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Glitter

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Glitter took me some time to get a hold of, but it was well worth it! This has a pastel, minty green, shimmer base with pink, purple, blue, gold and orange/copper metallic glitter. The large gold and fuchsia pink square glitter is AWESOME! And more impressively they sit flat on my wittle nails!!! So sorry about the state of my cuticles in these photos guys, it was the last swatch of the day (after at lest 5 other polishes) and my nails hands were angry. Two coats was all I needed, followed by one layer of top coat.

Peter Cottontail over Essie Like To Be Bad

 Peter Cottontail is a Limited Edition Easter polish. I think Dolly made 150-200 bottles and I've got #134. For some reason having a number on the bottle makes it feel that wee bit more special :)  It's a super sheer (almost clear) pale peach with iridescent glitters. While the glitter is pretty sparse, PC is a beautiful top coat. It makes Like To Be Bad look so much softer and (I know this sounds super weird) 'at one' with my nails and skin tone. You're seeing two coats applied over LTBB. The formula is decent, you just don't get much glitter payoff. Seeing these pictures makes me want to do a full manicure with these two!


Penny...Penny...Penny... first off is a great name, and a great line! It's a peach leaning milky nude with ultra-fine golden shimmer and hexagonal, as well as square copper glitter. The formula was decent but a weensy bit sheer. I'm wearing two coats (I think) and you can still see a touch of VNL. I actually have two other polishes that are very similar to PPP, so I will have to do a comparison post on those. For that reason, she doesn't wow me, but is pretty nonetheless and I think you could get away with this in the office too. The shimmer is gorgeous, you can see how it subtly glows in the close up photo.

Coitus over Essie Lady Like

Coitus is a glitter top coat with gold, silver, blue, aqua and rose pink hexagonal glitter. This is the type of glitter Dolly does to perfection. She knows glitters work best with a gradation of sizes, from ultra-fine silver and rose, small glitter in every colour except finally medium sized gold pieces. It works well together and over lots of base colours and has a sort of vintage/antique feel going on. I can't remember if this was one or two coats, sorry! I have a feeling it was one thick coat... And if that feeling is correct the coverage is awesome!

 You're A Real Sweet Tart

You're A Real Sweet Tart is a white crelly with matte glitters in pink, baby blue, yellow, pale yellow-green and purple. The purple squares really stand out next to all the hexagonal glitters. It's a fun polish with a decent formula which only requires two coats for full coverage. I'm wearing three coats however because the glitter pay off wasn't that great. Judging from the bottle, I expected it to be packed with those bright glitters, but it was pretty sparse :(  Perhaps if the base was a little sheerer more would have shown through the layers? It's just a personal preference thing though and looking at the photographs the amount of glitter looks perfectly acceptable.
Mermaid Scales over L'Oreal 371

Mermaid Scales has a shimmery blue/green base filled with iridescent hexagonal glitter (mainly blue and green) in varying sizes and ultra-fine teal glitter too. There's sort of a blue-green duo chrome thing going on with the base. It's sheer so you really do need to layer it over another polish, but wow! It's gorgeous. The is a reformulation, and quite a departure from the original, but it's a good job.

Here's Mermaid Scales without on its own after 5 coats:

Hip Hop Hippity Hop


 Hip Hop Hippity Hop is a lilac toned pink crème with rose pink, light blue and pale green fine/small hexagonal glitter. The polish applies nicely and only needs two coats for opacity. I can't say I love it though... I really wanted this reformulation (the first version had melting? glitter issues so Dolly pulled it early on), to be more like the original. It had a baby pink jelly like base which just felt more Easter-like to me and this base is quite heavy so while you get great coverage, the glitter is a little neutralised :( So yeah, great polish, just not what I was expecting.

Which are my fav's?
Based on how they look in my photos, I have to say You're a Real Sweet Tart, Mermaid Scales and Peter Cottontail. Maybe Coitus too.
I have to say the formula and quality of these polishes is very impressive. Certainly worth the indie price tag.

You can get your mitts on these at Dollish Polish for around $8.50 a piece. Dolly just released some new Candy and Cartoon collections, so I advise you check them out ASAP.


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