Monday, 12 November 2012

Born Pretty Store Dried Flowers Review

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Hey ladies,

I have some gorgeous dried flowers from Born Pretty Store to review for you today.

These are the 12 X Unique Dry Dried Flower UV Nail Art Design ones. Here is the direct link:
I received 12 pottles of different coloured flowers in 2 styles. At first I preferred the larger whole flowers rather than the the big ones with lots of tiny flowers. The reason being? The tiny flowers are super brittle and therefore difficult to handle without breaking up. Also, The stalk-y bits don't float my boat and they're far too big to fit whole on my little nails. But then I realised that the tiny flowers are really gorgeous if you cut them off the stalk! I played around with them a bit in my mani to show you the different things you can do with them.

pink and blue flowers

These are the 2 I used for my dried flower nail art.

Dried flower nail art over OPI The Color of Minnie





I didn't have any thick top coat with me so it was a bit bumpy to the touch, but it looked pretty cool. My favourite nails are the index and pinkie.

Application wasn't difficult or time consuming, just a little fiddly. I used some scissors to cute the blue flower to fit my middle finger and most of the blue flower heads had just broken off by themselves.
I started off coating the entire nail in top coat, then placing the flowers on with a toothpick. After some trial and error, I just licked my finger and picked the flowers up and placed them that way!

Sorry for the crust around my cuticles, I didn't have my usual clean-up tools with me either :(

So would I buy these myself?
I think I really would. I do wish that there was an equal mix of the big and small flowers, but as I learned, the bigger ones look a bit more attractive once you get rid of the stalk. At US$6.08, I think the 12 pack is worth the cost.

Born Pretty Store have shared a 10% voucher with me and all my wonderful followers too! Next time you make a purchase at BPS please use code QHL91. Once 10 people have used it BPS will sponsor a giveaway, so you guys will get even more out of it!


Items in this review were provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest consideration.


  1. I really like how you broke down the big, blue flower. This is a beautiful look!

  2. Thanks for this review! I've seen this flowers in the store and was tempted to order some, but as I couldn't make up my mind, I really appreciate you've done this post!!

  3. I love it. The flowers on the red look amazing

  4. Wow, so pretty! Must have a good look through their store :)

  5. they are all pretty but i loveeee the pinky!

  6. Wow! That is so cool! You must have a heap of patience :o
    <3 MaSucree


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