Monday, 5 November 2012

Introducing The BATTLE Nail Art Challenge

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Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I'll be starting The BATTLE Nail Art Challenge created by The Blog of Beautiful Living.

The BATTLE officially started on November 1st, but I'm all over the place at the moment so I'm getting off to a late start! Luckily it's a 'go at your own pace' challenge. Anyone surprised why I signed on now?!!!

Each challenge is also super flexible, you can read the rules section for details.

Some other lovely ladies are taking part in the battle too:

Mateja and Mateja of Two Matejas Creating
'Love My Nails' of An Indie Girl's Passion
Simran of Lacquered Tips
Zoe of My Wondrous Marvellous Obsession
Natalsie of  Cats n Nails
'Jibber Jabber' of Jibber Jabber
Gosia of Life in Color!
Annie Suzie on Pinterest

I'm in the midst of packing and moving and being away from my stash for the next two weeks so there will likely be a lack of nail art during that time, but once everything settles down again I will be making  conscience effort to get my creative juices flowing. Yuck, juices is a horrible word!!! I'll actually be copying other peeps ideas, but anyways...



  1. Hi, can't wait to see you blue v green post. Please check out Annie Suzie on Pinterest - The BATTLE Nail Art Challenge board. Good luck with your move.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I saw your name on The Blog of Beautiful Living's participant list, but I didn't see the link. I'll add you to mine now xx


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