Sunday, 11 November 2012

OPI Tomorrow Never Dies & Born Pretty Store Silver Foil

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Some wonderful Kiwi ladies just started a Facebook group for NZ polish enthusiasts (god, enthusiast sounds uber nerdy!) and I had no idea how many of us there are! I'm so excited for swaps and possible polish hunting missions etc!

In other news I can't shake my pups! Charlie is stuck to me like glue (though Mum came home today so he stares at her an awful lot, except he prefers to do it from my arms...), and Buster is either begging for cuddles or playtime! I donated my Jemima Puddle Duck to him this week because he had a lack of toys and I knew he'd go crazy over the sticky out beak and feet. He's been thrashing her all round the house. The cutest thing is when he lays on his back with all paws in the air, holding the toy in between his front paws while chewing! His ears go all pointy and he looks adorable! It makes me giggle even when he has been naughty!

I'll be back in Chch this time tomorrow night to pack up my flat and drive back up to Akld :( Gonna be bitter-sweet ;(

Moving on to the manicure:

Silver Nail Art Foil over OPI Tomorrow Never Dies
natural light

 Tomorrow Never Dies is a deep violet with pink and blue micro-shimmer that is extremely blue toned. The formula and application were flawless in 2 coats. I don't have any other purples like this so I'm thrilled it's part of the OPI Skyfall Collection.

Born Pretty Store contacted me to review a product for them (which I'm still working on) and it reminded me that I'd had a cart full of their products waiting to be checked out for so many months now! I pulled the trigger on a selection of nail art products and they arrived about one and a half weeks later - not bad BPS!!! Especially when they warn you that products take a minimum of 3 weeks to arrive!

One of the things I purchased was the Gold and Silver Nail Art Foil 12pk. They come with about 1 sheet per pottle and this stuff is basically the same as gold or silver leaf, only it's made of some other type of metal.

I couldn't find any tweezers and I was being lazy, so I broke the pieces up and placed them on my nails with my fingers! I just placed the pieces randomly on my nail (they transfer to the nail so easily!) and sealed them with a layer of Color Club 0-60 Speedy Top Coat.

The foil lays really flat to the nail so there are no texture issues.
I can't wait to try some gold foil tips out, or maybe an entire foiled nail! I suspect this faux foil could be used in place of real gold/silver leaf in a top coat... But I haven't tested its colour-fastness in polish base so I'm no authority!!

Born Pretty Store were also kind enough to provide my readers with a 10% off discount code.QHL91

If enough of you use it, they will sponsor a giveaway so keep that in mind!!

I hope your weekends were awesome!



  1. I really love the base shade! I'm so impatiently waiting for mine to arrive! I've ordered it from Mbeautylounge 3 weeks ago, and still has not received it :( About the foil... well I think is a question of personal taste, I'm notall in neither silver nor gold. But I might change my mind, who knows!


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