Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The BATTLE: #1 Blue vs Green

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I had lofty hopes for some amazing nail art with 2 of my favourite polish colours, but disorganised as ever I just have a swatch for this challenge.

It is a gorgeous polish though!

Smitten Polish I Want It Now



sun macro

shade macro

I Want It Now embodies the both green and blue nicely. With a forest green jelly base and green, turquoise and black hex glitter, it can look both warm and cool. I applied 3 coats to achieve full coverage, with absolutely no drama. I topped it off with 1 layer of Glitter Tamer for a beautiful shine.

Smitten Polish is available on Etsy and Llarowe

For the record, I'm on green's side :)

Don't forget to check all the other participants Challenge #1 posts:

For everyone of age in the US I hope you go out and vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for 4 more years under Obama, hopefully without the Republicans blocking every single piece of Democrat introduced legislation!!



  1. amazing colour, I'm in the challenge too!

  2. Beautiful green glitter))) Although I am on the blue side LOL

    1. oooooooohhhhhhhhh mortal enemies it is bluey! :)

  3. oh wow that is an amazing polish!!!
    Looks great :)

  4. Hello! you've chosen a beautiful glitter for the chanllenge, I've joined the challenge too, a little bit late, It's my very first nail polish challenge I think I'll enjoy it! See you

  5. Hi! Would be so nice of you if you could add my link to the participants! Thanks!


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