Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract Swatch Spam

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I bought a whole bunch of these polishes off Ebay back in March and I've finally managed to photograph them!
I have worn a few of them a couple of times and while the wear time isn't great, I still think they're pretty awesome. I don't have the bottles on me right now so I can't give the correct numbers to every colour but once I'm reunited with my stash, I will edit the post.

These all have the same scent; a sort of fruity/floral perfume that eventually makes me feel pretty nauseated if I'm not applying it in a well ventilated area. Once it's on it's dry with some top coat on it I don't notice the scent any more. The formula on all these was sort of thin and sheer and I used 3-4 coats for each of them. Application was an issue on a couple but I'm fairly sure I could be remedy that (explained below). They dry matte so I added 1 coat of NYC In a New York Minute Grand Central Station (quick dry top coat) to all of them. The colours are also more vibrant in person.

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #


A light hot pink with silver micro glitter.

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #

A mauve leaning pink with silver micro glitter. This polish and another smashed on route, I managed to save about half the lacquer on this one by transferring it to an empty Seche Vite bottle, but the other polish was completely dried out :(. I did get a refund for them though.

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #

A light lavender/mauve with silver micro glitter. There was some separation (a la shatter polish) of the polish when I applied it to my nail. I'm not sure why this happened, but it occurred on the first coat and the subsequent ones sort of went the same way to an extent. I think shaking up the bottle more before application might prevent this from happening again (I hope!!).

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #15

Contrary to the photos, this is actually a light teal blue rather than a pale sky blue. It's pretty odd how different this one photographed in the shade and sun... Another one which sort of separated on the nail, but I managed to disguise it with some artful dabbing!!

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #14

A medium teal blue with silver micro glitter. Some separation on this one too.

Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract #17

A medium violet purple with silver micro glitter.

What do you think?
I can forgive the separation issues considering they were only $1.99 a piece. They look a lot like the Picture Polish Mesh glitter polishes like Tease, Dorothy and Orbit too, only the glitter is less dense in these cheapies.

I can't find these polishes on Ebay any more but if they ever return I'll be buying up more colours!


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  1. Wow! These are really pretty! It looks like sugar on your nails!


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