Monday, 7 July 2014

I Sells Seashells on the Seashore

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Back in April - when the sun was shining the **** out of Auckland, I gave myself some super beachy nails!

I used Serum No.5 Atomic Peach as a base, sponged a gradient of Different Dimensions Sign Your X On The Line for some shimmering/sparkly sand effect; then added some seashell embellishments provided for review by Born Pretty Store.

The shells come in 3mm or 5mm, gold or silver. The 5mm were definitely too big for my liking, but the 3mm are the perfect size. Beware: keep your shells away from the polish remover or it'll strip off the gold paint and they'll look very brassy!

Next time you order from BPS ( be it makeup, accessories, nail art supplies etc), use my code QHL91 for a 10% discount. And remember they provide worldwide free shipping on all orders.


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  1. Those are really beachy. I like the peach background shade and the glitter on the tips looks like sand. I love the mix of texture you used from the creme polish to the textured glitter to the little nail shells. This is a great mani. It does look very summery.


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