Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Hump Day Brief: Pahlish Slow Fade Of Love

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It's so stunning, no words are needed...

Pahlish Slow Fade of Love


Slow Fade of Love
is a grape jelly with holo and square glitter. Two coats + top coat. Perfection.

Pahlish is available for purchase here

Are you a fan of my Wednesdays of little words or do you prefer a full post?



  1. Oh this is just simply beautiful!

  2. This is such a gorgeous color and your pics are amazing. I do like your words, too, though. :D I understand wanting to keep it brief but mebbe you could add just a little about application, formula and wear? Just suggestions.


    1. good to know! I forgot to do the brief post this week! It applied like butter. The formula was sort of medium-thick but it was jelly like so spread easily. I really can't comment on the wear because I change nail polish most days!!! But it certainly didn't chip - my the Pahlish I have I've only ever gotten tip wear. I use base and top coat though.

  3. Im in love! Gorgeous!!!

  4. Did you get my emails????? This is too glittery and happy for me

  5. wow! i only have three Pahlish polishes and this one I really want. And Dark Parades.

    1. The base for Dark Parades is really pretty with the blue and the shimmer flecks but the glitter really sticks out - like 3 layers of top coat for smoothness! So if you can deal with that... I should get a swatch up to show you :) How are the cats?

  6. looks great against your skintone!


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