Monday, 9 July 2012

Borghese Almondine swatch and review

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Oh My Good Great God!!!
You have no idea how much nail mail I came home to last night, after 3 weeks holiday!
My flatmate reckoned there were 13 parcels/boxes in total!
No a bad welcome home, right?! It seriously softened the blow of having to leave Buster again and start another semester!

Yeah, so the whole 'No Buy July' so many ladies are partaking in,might become my reality too. And possibly August and September too!!

I don't have any photos for you yet, been too busy unpacking etc, but I will try to snap some today ;p

For now, I will leave you with Borghese Almondine.

 Borghese Almondine




Almondine was featured on Glitta Gloves back in April and I immediately fell in love! So did a handful of other bloggers who viewed the post, because since then I've seen a few other swatches of Almondine (a discontinued, HTF polish) pop up citing Kirsten's post as their reason for getting Almondine too!!
I jumped on ebay right away and found only 1 listing, and luckily they shipped to NZ!!!

It's a beige creme base (it looks to me as if it leans both yellow and pink, if that's possible!) with a soft pink/purple flash of shimmer (like in Essie's Demure Vixen), some matching flaked shimmer and really grainy looking flat black glitter. Well, I assume it's black glitter but it really looks like speckles of dirt. AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! The photos don't really capture the shimmer, but you see it in person.
I can't get enough of the speckled look that BB Couture introduced me too, so I couldn't not love this neutral.
The one fly in the ointment for me, is that Almondine is pretty sheer. I applied 4 coats for these pics and I can still detect some VNL. It's still a beauty, but that is kind of annoying, because it looks like it ought to be a full coverage polish. I also felt like the brush was a wee bit stiff - it's the transparent plastic looking bristle kind - but it is wide, I just had to press a little lighter to avoid causing some bald patches when I added each coat.

It's now my favourite 'go to' nude!!!

What's yours?

Did you go on a polish binge in May/June too?


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  1. This is nice, reminds me of a cake batter with bits of chocolate or vanilla. Shame about the sheerness. 13 parcels exciting times. Lookin forward to seeing it.


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