Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jilltastic Nail Design Nail Art Challenge - Week 3: French Tips

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Hello again,

Why two posts in one day? I'm trying to get in this week's French Manicure challenge in under the wire!!! I completely flaked on last week's red, white and blue challenge - that'll teach me for paying more attention to real life rather than the internet! Ha.

I just got my first nail art diamantes, so instead of doing a conventional french tip, I chose to use the diamantes to form a 'tip' of sorts.
They look pretty cheap - some are shiny, some are awful, but whatever...

I used 1 coat of OPI Road House Blues as a base and layered 1 coat of Essence Crazy Good Times Confetteria on top. I freaking love Confetteria (besides the bizarre name!).

Essence Crazy Good Times Confetteria


Confetteria sans clean up! I love how it looks like glitter is floating!!!! It's a dark navy jelly with large silver hex glitter and small iridescent glitter. With only 1 coat it doesn't dry too gritty so 1 layer of topcoat is plenty to tame it. I got this precious (that I coveted for months) from Polished Claws Up's blog sale too!!! I love when other bloggers don't have the same tastes as me - it equals ultra cheap wish list polishes for me!This ne is pretty thick but I had no issues with it because I used 1 coat over a dark base - simple pimple!

Next I added a line of diamantes to my tips - I was going to alternate the big and small ones, but my nails aren't wide enough!!!

Hope you like my take on French Tips!



  1. gorgeous mani and I love that polish! simply fabulous!!

  2. I love it! And that Essence is to die for! It's what I wish my attempts at jelly sandwiches looked like ;)


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