Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hey-ay-ay COME OUT AND PLAY! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na

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I'm guessing Sandy named Come Out and Play after The Offspring song which is now stuck in my head. It makes me wanna don a bikini and dance on the beach with a glass of punch in my hand!

The polish is also summery - a neon pigment purple/fuchsia, with small white matte hex glitter in it.

Dandy Nails Come Out and Play



Come Out and Play is that sort of jelly fuchsia/purple that lacquer companies call neon but really aren't! I love this shade and can't believe I don't have anything else like it already! The white glitter is pretty cool, it just makes it a bit more fun. The formula was on the thicker side of stuff, it spread fairly well and took about 2 thickish coats to cover VNL. If you use thin coats I'd give it 3. It does dry a bit bumpy because of the glitter so you'll need a couple of layers of a heavy top coat. I think I used 2 layers of Seche Vite for these pics.

You can purchase Dandy Nails lacquers here.

I'm going home tomorrow! It's my Nana's 90th so it's a big family reunion. I'm going to get to see my sisters for the first time in AGES! One lives in Saudi and has been gone since September last year and I don't think I've seen my Melbourne sis, since late last year either! Can't believe its been so long actually... It must be the texts and calls and polish swaps with Katie that make me feel like I only just saw her!
I also get to see my cousin's new baby - he looks so pinch-able in photos so I can't wait to get a cuddle!!!
Anyway... so I might not post over the weekend, and I've had too much uni work to make any scheduled posts so you'll have to do without me!!

I'll leave you with another couple of Charlie photos!

Hasn't he got the cutest expression in these pics?!
Mum's having Charlie and Buster groomed tomorrow morning before we all fly in so they're going to be looking a smelling beautiful! I love the scent of the shampoo the groomers use!!!!



  1. Gorgeous polish. Love the jelly glitter sandwich. And your pup is adorable!

  2. adorable pupper face! love this color!

  3. I have that song in my head now too, haven't heard in ages. As Ashleigh said love how it makes a glitter sandwich without the layers.

  4. Such a cutey dog!!! I love it!

  5. Gorgeous polish, and cute pupppeh face ^-^


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