Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Try It On Tuesday: BB Couture HORNED DEVIL

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It's that time again, TRY IT ON TUESDAY!

I actually forgot all about posting today, but luckily Jill put a reminder up on Facebook. Thank Jill :)
I've had Horned Devil sitting around gathering dust since March and it's far too pretty to go unworn. Very 'on trend' too being a blistering tangerine.

BB Couture Horned Devil


Horned Devil is a bright, deep orange jelly filled with gold/orange microglitter. I took all the photos under my lamp so they don't show just how glittery HD is. It doesn't sparkle like crazy though, it just kind of glows so it is easier to wear. I needed 3 coats for decent coverage, but there is still some VNL going on.
You can probably tell it dries a bit gritty too. I'm wearing 1 layer of  a thin top coat here and it's still quite textured, so I recommend some Seche Vite thickness!

I really fell in love with Horned Devil and now I want to get my hands on Painted Lady from the same collection of BBs. It's a coral version of Horned Devil!

Are you sporting an 'untried' today too?

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  1. Such a pretty colour! You can see the grittyness but I could live with that ;)

  2. I like how Horned Devil looks on you...your bottle cap is white whereas mine is blue. Wonder if BB Couture changed their packaging?

    1. Thank you! Yes, they started using white for a while, but Kim at Overall Beauty said a few months ago that they were bringing back the blue caps again. I'm not sure if it was a cost cutting measure or if the supplier was temporarily out of stock. So half of my BBs are blue caps and half are white!


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