Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Love of Pahlish!

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Pahlish Your Fortress Fades

Your Fortress Fades is a neutral light taupe with gold shimmer flecks. This is a work appropriate polish with a little sass! Two coats.

Pahlish Sleep to Dream

Sleep to Dream is an aubergine with blue, gold and other indiscernible colours of shimmer flecks. Absolutely stunning!!! I applied two coats for completely opaque coverage.

Pahlish Sink in the Silence

Sink in the Silence is a deep chocolate brown creme with gold and rusty orange/bronze shimmer flecks. This is a shade I'll be sporting this Fall/Winter. Two coats - seriously opaque!

Pahlish Forest of the Dead

Forest of the Dead is a dark swampy green bursting with green, gold and bronze shimmer flecks. Absolutely stunning. If you don't own many greens, this is the one you want. Two coats.

Pahlish Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is a white/very pale pink creme with red and pearl shimmer flecks. I've never seen non-metallic red flecks before and I'm totally obsessed with them! This was just two coats.

Pahlish El Topo Petite

El Topo Petite is a deep purple leaning taupe with rusty orange glitter flecks. It's gorgeous, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Two coats.

Pahlish Bad Wolf

BTW I'm holding a bottle of Your Fortress Fades in the photos above because I temporarily misplaced Bad Wolf and the colours were close enough, I thought I'd get away with it. Fail!
I freaking love Bad Wolf and for that matter any polish that has these colour-shifting (pink-gold) flakes in it! Way to make a putty taupe stand out Pahlish!

All the flakie shades need a thick topcoat for a smooth and glossy finish - but otherwise the formulas are easy to apply, if slightly thick.

Pahlish is available here and at several e-stockists.

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