Wednesday, 27 February 2013

One polish, three ways: Pahlish Pianos Filled With Flames

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I loved Pianos Filled With Flames by Pahlish so much, I ended up wearing it for several days. But since I can't leave well enough alone, I added something simple each day to satisfy my painting addiction!!!

Day 1: Glossy
Pahlish Pianos Filled With Flames

Pianos Filled With Flames is a bright pink toned red with gold holo, red and pink glitter. There's fine squares and hexes and teeny tiny bar glitter and I think some glowing red shimmer flecks? I applied 2 coats of PFWF and 1 layer of Seche Vite for a glossy, smooth and sparkly look.

Day 2: Matte

Pahlish Pianos Flled With Flames with Essie Matte About You
 I love a good old mattified glitter!!! This was with 1 coat of Matte About You. I hadn't used it for months and I forgot how awesome it can make a polish look.

Day 3: Gold Leaf

Pahlish Pianos Filled With Flames with 24k Gold Leaf franken
I added 1 coat of my gold leaf franken and another layer of Seche Vite on the third day. While I liked this look (especially with the glitter peaking through and glowing all around the bright gold), I need to shake my bottle more to break up the larger pieces of gold leaf. I like the tiny flakes, and too many are a bit chunky still. After I painted it on I shook it up some more and I think it has almost reached the right consistency...

I loved that all I had to do to make my mani look fresh was add a top coat each day!

Do you add little embellishments to your manis in order to extend the wear, or do you like to change it up completely every time?



  1. Love all 3 looks but I think I like it matte the best :)

  2. Sometimes I add a clear-based glitter to make it more interesting, or just a bit of glitter on the tips. Depends on the polish though, some don't need the embellishments. :) But I just got my first matte top coat so I will try that as well. I love how it looks with Pianos Filled with Flames (love that polish too).

  3. Ohh I like all three of them. For some reason I absolutely love putting matte over glitters. I think they look so cool mattified.

  4. Very pretty! I love how your pictures show the glitters so clearly :)


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