Monday, 18 February 2013

Dandy Nails Bathed In Light & Float On

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My heart beats for Dandy polishes!!!
These are a couple of Sandy's earlier releases. I drooled over Bathed in Light for most of last year but alas, it was always sold out on Ninja Polish. Float On conversely had me on the fence. I had a few fine matte glitter top coats already and I didn't think it looked too special. Fast forward about 6 months and I realised it was way more complex than just some blue and purple glitter plus a few larger white looking hexes!!!

Dandy Nails Float On over Milani Orchidia

Float On turned out to be a mix of fine white, pink, purple, blue, lavender and teal matte glitters plus medium ultra pale purple matte hex glitter in a clear base. I cannot believe how much I underestimated FO. It definitely pays to find a macro swatch before you decide to buy! I used 1 coat over Orchidia and got a great mix and distribution of glitter. The formula was great and it only required 1 layer of SV to be glassy and smooth.
I ADORE Modest Mouse too and Float On is one of their first songs I heard so it has a special place in my heart and on my polish shelf!

 Dandy Nails Bathed In Light

Bathed In Light does not photograph well! It is less pixelated and more vibrant in person, I promise! It's a multichrome of odd colours with fine holographic silver glitter. It sort of shifts between pinky-brown, taupe, greenish, greyish and orange/gold hues. A wee bit like a pink sunset fading in to night? The formula was a solid 2 coater, for more depth you might even want 3. The glitter makes it dry slightly textures, but 1-2 layers of top coat (depending on thickness) sets you right. I have nothing like BIL but I spotted a Ludurana that looks to have sort of similar colours in it so that's on my wish list!

Did anyone manage to pick up some Dandy Nails V-day polishes? The couple I wanted sold out so quickly on Ninja Polish! I wish international shipping was easier, or that I lived stateside so I could buy off Etsy!!!!!!

I hope your weekends were great. I did 2 movies and 2 meals out! So the diet went to the wayside but I'm absolutely back on it today!!! It's working too, woop woop!



  1. Ooh, Bathed in Light is beautiful!

  2. Love the combination Dandy Nails Float On over Milani Orchidia: very pretty! And that Bathed In Light is beyond gorgeous!!


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