Sunday, 10 February 2013

KB Shimmer Watercolor

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Good Evening,

I had a family wedding this weekend and I'm pretty tired now. My cousin married her boyfriend of 10 years! She looked absolutely beautiful and so did the bridesmaids! The venue was gorgeous too, right by the beach.
The wine flowed so I was very hungover the next day!!!

The dogs spent Friday through Sunday at the All Seasons Pet Resort in Drury (their home away from home!) and when I picked them up this morning they were very smoochy! They get so much exercise at the kennels that Buster usually sleeps A LOT for the first few days at home, but this afternoon he just had a wee nap with me and was rearing to go again!!! I actually passed him over the fence to the girls next door for a bit of fun just before bedtime - he always barks when they play in their backyard, so that solved the noise issue for me and mum! When they brought him home he was nice and muddy, so we had to endure a quick bath before bed.:p

On to the polish!

KB Shimmer Watercolor

  Watercolor has a sky blue crelly base with pink, purple, blue and white hex glitters. It definitely has a watercolour feel to it that brings me back to my childhood! We had those palettes of hard paints that you just brushed a wet paintbrush over and went to town on our colouring books. Worst paint pigmentation ever, but I love watercolours to this day! Application was a dream, 2 flowing coats gave great coverage and I only needed 1 layer of SV to make it smooth and glassy!!!

Watercolor is part of the KB Shimmer permanent collection. I bought mine from Harlow & Co, but if you live in the US you can order straight from KB Shimmer's website.

Hope you all had great weekends too. I'm counting down till the start of my Vet Nursing course! Just 1 more month!!!



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