Sunday, 3 February 2013

Candy Lacquer Fluttershy

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It's Sunday! All the kids are back at school tomorrow so it'll be nice to go out in public again wahoo!!!!!

And the neighbourhood kids won't be constantly knocking on the front door to play with Buster and Charlie! I probably haven't mentioned it, but for the last month they've been coming over almost constantly (sometimes several times a day!!!). They're wanting to play with the dogs and eventually my pups just get freaked out because they won't stop chasing them down, picking them up, even when they are trying to cool down in the shade or sleep.
It's great when they take Buster for a walk, and they're nice kids but the constant disruption is seriously annoying!
So getting back to the norm will be incredibly NICE!!

Now, Candy Lacquer is my favourite maker of amazing chunky glitter mixes. I barely ever have money to spare when the polishes I want are in stock, but I did manage to snag Fluttershy towards the end of last year.

It's a beautiful mix of pink and yellow matte glitter and pink hologram butterflies!

Candy Lacquer Fluttershy over Nfu Oh Victorian Series #07

 Fluttershy can be applied just fine without dabbing, but you do end up with a lot of clear base on your nail. I put on one normal coat, then half dabbed the second coat to place the butterflies more accurately and to prevent the clear base from pooling on my nails. The butterflies come out really easily, but they can slip off the end of the brush while you're wiping off excess on the neck of the bottle, so it might take a little practice to get them to stay on. The pale peach base was a great choice for Fluttershy to sit on. It keeps it soft and feminine, rather than making the glitter look childish.
You do need a couple of thick layers of top coat to smooth it all down afterward, I think I used 1 layer of Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite for the photos above.

Candy Lacquer ($8.50 per 15mL bottle) is reopening Monday 4 Feb at 9am CST and they have some beautiful Limited Edition Valentine's Day glitters so check 'em out!!!



  1. Love the little butterflies! This looks so Springtimey.

  2. What a pretty glitter! I love the combination of the yellow and pink, and the little butterflies are adorable!

  3. Love the colours together: sweet and happy :))

  4. I love this! It's so delicate and fun.


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