Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First time painting with acrylics: Heart Tips

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This was my first ever try using acrylic paint on my nails, yikes!

I chose a really simple design, heart tips that I've seen on a number of blogs and can't quite remember where now, sorry.

You just paint the top half of the heart on part of your nail plate and free edge. Well, I may have struggled to get my heart lobes looking right so more like half of my nails became hearts!!
Here's how it turned out:

(before i took photos I'd picked the polish off my index and thumb, so you have a 3 fingered photo! "Busy hands," my Mum says)

OPI You're A Doll! with acrylic paint hearts and China Glaze Fairy Dust

I started with a base of OPI You're A Doll, a  very odd light pink, neutral shade with silver shimmer and tiny specks of red running through it. It was released as part of the Holiday in Toyland Collection 2008. Then I mixed some red and white acrylic paint together and used a very fine tipped nail art brush for the hearts. They looked a bit streaky but 1 layer of SV had them glossy and even! I added a coat of Daring Digits Love Dragon. That gave some extra shimmer/sparkle to YAD. I decided they needed a little more pizzazz so I painted 2 layers of China Glaze Fairy Dust just onto the hearts (which I never use even though it's AWESOME!), and topped it off with another coat of SV.

Simple Pimple!
Another easy Valentine manicure. Hopefully my painting skills will improve though! Maybe it helps to be good at art in general, because I really wasn't!!!! I dropped it as soon as I was able. My school made us do it up until 5th form :(



  1. That's super pretty!
    I love it, so romantic...

  2. Totally love these!! They really came out beautiful!! :)

  3. I love Fairly Dust! That is so pretty.


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