Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pahlish Spam

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I have quite a few Pahlish's in the vault and there is absolutely no reason for not posting them earlier! I am a huge fan of Shannon's creations! She knows how to do glitter like no one's business!

Pahlish Little Caroline

Little Caroline is a sheer barbie pinkwith tons of iridescent glitters that glow peach-yellow in particular. It's the perfect topper for pink or purple, or great alone with 2-3 coats. The formula is a bit thick so I thinned mine before use.

Pahlish Stroke of Luck

Stroke of Luck is a sheer green with gold, emerald and green glitters. It will definitely be on my nails for St Paddy's Day!!! I used 2 coats with 1 layer of Glitter Gloss for these photos. It's fairly sheer so it'd be great as a topper. The formula was fine.

 Pahlish Four Colly Birds

 Four Colly Birds is a wine jelly with gold sparks as well as gold, rose and maroon glitter. The gold sparks are my favourite part! I applied 2-3 coats for full coverage. The formula is a bit thicker than I'd have liked, but thinner fixes that issue in no time.

Pahlish Your Lover Is An Actress

 Your Lover Is An Actress has a grape purple jelly base with wine, red, blue,purple and pink glitter. I think there might be some of those sparkly gold flecks in it too... I'm not a huge fan of this one, it's sort of just meh to me. The formula was thick again and I needed 2-3 thin coats for opacity.

 Pahlish Still Alive

Still Alive is a muted teal creme (it reminds me of China Glaze Exotic Encounters) with tons of  iridescent glitter than shifts green-orange-yellow. It also looks like there are some gold sparks in it too. It is pretty opaque needing only 2 coats for great coverage. The formula was again a bit thicker than I like but my thinner sorted it out.

Pahlish End of Days

End of Days is an orange jelly with gold sparks, blue, orange and silver glitter. It's pretty darn amazing really!!! But I do think it'd look more vibrant over a bright orange base. This had a thick formula too - Pahlish's only downfall! I used 3 thin coats for solid coverage.

Pahlish Ace of Fours

 Ace of Fours  is one of my all time favourite polishes! A white base with blue and subtle charcoal flaked glitter and a fine shimmer it reminds me of skiing late afternoon, with the sky darkening and a gentle flutter of snow falling! The blue glitter really has that icy ethereal effect going on. The formula was nice and I used 2 thin coats for full coverage.

Woo-whee, that was a LOT of spam for one post!
You can purchase Pahlish on Etsy and Llarowe



  1. Todos são lindos mais os que amei mesmo foram os verdes.
    (⁀‵⁀) ∞ ღ ∞

  2. Pahlish is one of my two all time favs... I need to get these polishes! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I have been searching for Pahlish's 12 Days. I will never find them all, but what I am reeeeaaaally looking for is Four Colly Birds. Is there any chance you would sell/swap your bottle?


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