Friday, 15 February 2013

Candy Lacquer Frozen Treats & Twilight Sparkle

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Candy Lacquer makes the best glitter top coats ever! 
She especially has a way with matte glitter, so here are a few to tide you over until my V-day LE polishes arrive. COME ON POSTIE!!! I'm craving me some sparkly hearts!!!! OMG they were just delivered and they are sooooooo choco-block full of glitter!!!! Candy Kisses and Garden of Love are AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!

Candy Lacquer Frozen Treats over Nubar Purple Aster

Frozen Treats is an intense mix of rainbow and white matte glitters - squares, hexes and shredded in multiple sizes - in a clear base. All those bubbles are from my top coat which needed some serious thinning!! I layered 1 coat over Nubar Purple Aster, a pastel purple with subtle pearly white shimmer. The formula is really thick, like uncut suspension base and is absolutely packed with glitter so application requires a bit of expertise and it dries very textured. I used 2 layers of Glitter Gloss to smooth it out and it was quite a mountain in the end.
But, I applied FT in 1 thick coat so way too much glitter ended up on my nails. Next time I will do more dabbing or thinner coats.
It looks seriously awesome!!! I'm gonna try it over a sheer white next!

Candy Lacquer Twilight Sparkle over ChG Naked

 Twilight Sparkle is part of the My Little Pony Collection. I can't really remember MLP but my older sister loved that show and had a lot of the ponies which I do remember playing with. I used to brush their colourful manes and tails!!! I want lots of Candy Lacquer's MLP glitter mixes but the only one I have so far is TS
It's a mix of medium pink with pastel, lavender and grape purple matte glitters in a clear base. I've layered it over China Glaze Naked, a warm pink with white shimmer - the perfect pink for my skin tone! The formula was a lot better on this one. There's not so much glitter packed in so you can apply it like a normal polish. I think this was 2 coats. So cute!

I've dramatically cut my polish spending this month. I've only ordered about 5 polishes since February began :( And those were the Candy Lacquer V-day polishes I'm waiting on. I just received. It's killing me because there are so many amazing mainstream collections out right now. China Glaze Avant Garden, OPI Euro Centrale, Zoya Pixie Dust! So fingers crossed my birthday next month brings me stacks of polish or polish moolah!!!!!!!!!!



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