Friday, 22 February 2013

Elevation Polish Liana - must have!

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I got Liana last year sometime. It's part of the permanent collection and I think I only bought it because all the other Elevations I wanted were sold out (as they too often are :(!)
But I'm so glad I threw it in the cart because it is 1000x more impressive in person than it looks in the listing swatches!!

Elevation Polish Liana

 Liana is a creamy milk chocolate with traffic light shimmer!!!! Glowing red, green and amber shimmer make Liana so so so so so awesome in sun or direct light! I love that it's a classic chocolate creme - perfect for office wear - but there's still some killer edginess to it! This is going to look best on warm toned skin. I'm wearing 2 coats without topcoat in these pics so you can see it's pretty darn shiny!

Elevation restocks today around 3pm NZ time so keep an eye out for any of the older collections you have missed out on. I didn't get to buy Mount Carmel (the Pahlish Collaboration) and I'm soooooooooooo bummed it looked AMAZING! I hope Lulu re-releases it alone!!!


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