Thursday, 10 January 2013

Velvet Manicure with Born Pretty Store Flocking Powder - review

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Can you believe this was my first ever velvet manicure?

I loved the look of flocking powder when everyone was trying it out last year, but I never got round to actually buying any because I just thought it was such an impractical form of nail art.

But Born Pretty Store gave me the opportunity to review some and I leapt at the chance!
This is pink and they carry heaps of other colours too.

For $7.99 you receive approx. 13g in a plastic pottle - enough for up to 10 manis, I think. It's a baby pink
so I paired it with OPI Mod About You.

All you have to do is apply 1 coat of polish, then one by one paint the second of polish on your nail. Over a paper plate, pour the flocking powder over your nail to completely cover it and gently press the powder into the polish to help it adhere. Give your nail a gentle shake off and repeat until all your nails are covered.
After about 10-15 minutes once your nails are fully dry go about your clean-up because the powder hangs around your hands! I used my usual acetone/brush removal method around my cuticles, then gently washed my hands and my nails looked perfect (well once the flocking powder dried they did).
All the excess flocking powder that landed on the paper plate can be returned to the pottle for use next time. That way you avoid wasting it!

Here are the results:

I couldn't believe how simple and basically foolproof this method of nail art is. Again I don't think it's to practical, but I imagine you'd get a day's wear out of it before and bald spots start showing. The baby pink furriness reminds me of Easter time!! I can also see wearing this to a baby shower!!! It's kind of like a terry cloth robe for your nails.

I also got these gorgeous little red bows with pink polka dots to review too.

I will be reviewing them separately too, but I thought they'd look darling with the velvet mani so I added one to my accent nail with a little polish glue.

I'm not the cutesy cutesy type but these bows are sooooooo gorgeous! I want to do a Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty mani with them!

Born Pretty Store stocks these and HEAPS more nail art accessories and polish and you can use my special reader's coupon to get 10% your order.

What do you think? Have you used flocking powder before?



  1. Awww...this is so cute! Love the color for it looks so girly. The ribbon is so cute too!

  2. Shut the front door! This is SOOOO cute! I've been dying to try the flocking powder...and that little bow?? I love every second of this!

    1. Haha thanks Jamie. That was what I was going for :) They were out of the grey flocking powder at the time so I thought, go uber girly!


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