Thursday, 3 January 2013

Different Dimensions Christmas/Holiday Collection

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I picked up the 4 I couldn't resist from Missi's Holiday Collection. She created quite a few that are appropriate for all year round wear, so I knew they would be worth it. DD is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands! All photos were taken in my light box unless otherwise stated.

Different Dimensions Out of Space Convertible



Out of Space Convertible is a black based jelly with pink, purple, turquoise and holo glitter. Application was alright and I got full coverage after 3 thin coats. I used 1 layer of glitter smoother and topped it with SV for shine.

Different Dimensions I've Been An Awful Good Girl

I've Been An Awful Good Girl is Sparkles Like Edward's sister. It has the same white base with pink flake shimmer, but the glitters are various sizes of pink and purple hex glitter. There's some holo pink glitter in it too which is gorgeous in the sun! I used two coats and 1 layer of SV for these photos.

Different Dimensions Santa Baby  over NYX Girl Alaskan Wild

Santa Baby was only 1 of 2 blatant Christmas polishes I purchased this year. A mix of matte red, white, pink and iridescent glitter in a clear base. The large red hexes are my favourite and the pink glitter softens the candy cane palette a little. This'll make a great Valentine polish too I think. I layered 1 coat of Santa Baby over NYX Girl Alaskan Wild. I topped it all off with 1 coat of SV.

Different Dimensions Sign Your 'X' On The Line over China Glaze Little Drummer Boy

Sign Your 'X' On The Line has a clear base with irregular gold flake glitter and shredded gold and silver glitter. This one just grabbed me. I don't have many plain gold or silver top coats and Chalkboard Nails made it look gorgeous! Application was a breeze. Pictured is 1 thin coat over China Glaze Little Drummer Boy, with 1 coat of SV.

You can pick up Different Dimensions polishes from Missi's Etsy Store.

Which holiday polishes did you pick up?


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  1. Santa Baby and Sign your X on the line are definitely special. Love them!

    Lovely swatches. Happy New Year dearie.


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