Friday, 4 January 2013

More Different Dimensions Polish Swatches

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I placed a large Different Dimensions order just before xmas and it arrived very quickly (which I was not expecting). Amongst the order were polishes from the Pretty Little Liars  and regular line. I'd been lemming them for some time now and they lived up to my expectations! All photos were taken in my light box unless otherwise stated.

Different Dimensions Hanna

Hanna has a pastel purple milky base with matte periwinkle and white and metallic fuchsia micro-glitter. The formula is a bit heavy on the glitter but you can apply it rather easily in 3 thin coats for full coverage. I added 1 coat of SV and it was pretty smooth.

Different Dimensions Emily

Emily (also from the Pretty Little Liars Collection) is a mix of white, light blue and pastel pistachio matte glitter in a sort of cloudy base. I can't figure out whether it is actually tinted light blue or just plain clear... It's really similar to Hanna but the coverage isn't as good. Emily applies much like the Floam polishes. I'm wearing 3 thin coats and 2 top coats.

Different Dimensions Doppleganger

Doppelganger has a sheer grey base with small pink holo glitter and various sizes of matte baby pink hex glitters, plus large matte white glitter hexes. I wore it alone with 2-3 layers and it's obviously sheer still, so I recommend layering it over a grey base.The formula was nice, I did place a few glitters to avoid doing an extra coat. I needed 2 layers of top coat to smooth it.

Different Dimensions Warm Fuzzies



Warm Fuzzies is a brown scattered holographic which has a weak linear effect in direct light. The brown transforms from a coolish taupe in the shade to a warmer golden brown in the sun. It's much more holographic than I expected (the photos play down the holo effect) but it also looks like a great work appropriate shade indoors! Application was easy, I used 2 buttery coats.

 It's so cruel having an addiction to Missi's polishes because she's constantly  coming up with new amazing shades!
 I'm saving up for her 80s themed fluoro holos now. They're sold out but should be back in store in a couple of weeks.
Different Dimensions is on Etsy, check them out NOW!


  1. These are all so pretty! I love polishes with the micro glitter.

  2. OMG!!! These nail colors are so pretty. They all look so elegant and classy. they are indeed perfect for any occasion.

  3. Doppelganger looks great over Essie Cocktail Bling!


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