Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Day Nails 2012 - gold leaf franken

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Since it's just gone New Year's this Christmas post is a tad late, but I managed to wipe my New Year's nails from my SD card (I have no idea how!!!!!!! and they were so pretty!!!) so here is the mani I wore for xmas day.

Gold Leaf Franken over OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ


close up

This wasn't overly Christmasy but I really wanted to wear my gold leaf franken for the first time and I knew Mrs O'Leary's BBQ would make for a great base! It's my favourite vamp. I banged my nail while they were still drying so the dent in my ring finger is pretty rough!!!

Good news is my top coat went on really easily, no issues with bubbles like last time and I got some compliments from my family about it, yay! Even my mum likes the look and if you've been following me for a while you'll know that mum hates most of my polishes!!!

I've been really caught up in the Christmas and New Year polish sales! Have you? Now I'm very poor but so many polishes are headed my way :) Fingers crossed mum doesn't notice lol.

Oh and I think I'll recreate my New Year manicure soon so fear not!



  1. Your franken looks great!

    I really want to make a white gold leaf franken but can't seem to find any white gold leaf :(

  2. Uau que lindeza!
    Passando para visitar e aqui fiquei, estou amando o blog.
    Tem 2 sorteios rolando lá no meu blog,
    seria um prazer te-la párticipando:

  3. pretty! Love the background color and the gold effects. Looks so elegant and classy.

  4. Very well done. You franken well!


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