Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Born Pretty Valentine's Day Stamping Polish Review

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Valentine's Day is creeping up again! I've seen quite a few bloggers have started posting nail art looks for February 14 and I'm gonna be posting some too!

Born Pretty Store sent me a red stamping polish they carry for review.

I pulled out my collection of barely ever used stamping plates and found all the love themed designs. This is what I came up with:

NB: It was an incredibly hot day so the stamps weren't transferring from stamp to nail too well. That's why the middle finger doesn't look like a heart!!!!! It happens to me almost every time I try to stamp, so I need to do it at night or in a really cool room next time! And I spilt acetone on my ring and little fingernail which is why the stamping is smudged. Believe it or not this was my 5th attempt at this mani, which is why I gave up on presentation.

OPI Alpine Snow with #3 red stamp polish from BPS

I used designs from OB37 (ring and pinkie), VL001 (middle) and BM303 (index), then protected them with a coat of Seche Vite.

The polish performed just as well as my Konad Special Polishes. And that's the best I could have hoped for! I just wish you could buy it in larger quantities, but I suppose 5mL bottles will last a wee while.

I'm glad to have added this red to my stamping polish collection because it's so small at the moment! I only have green, pink, black and white stamping polishes. I can see myself buying a couple of other colours (Born Pretty Store stock 12) like lilac and blue; especially because they are only $2.99 a piece.

If you want to pick up some nail art supplies go to Born Pretty Store and use my 10% off coupon code!


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