Saturday, 5 January 2013

KKCentreHK Water Decal Review

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This review is hideously late!!
Almost a year late!
I do feel horrible about that and just want to say that it's the only product review I've let fall through the cracks! I'm very sorry. I have reviewed 2 other sets of decals from KK HERE & HERE

But the upside? It's Easter themed nail decals (which were too late to post last year) and this gives you plenty of time to think about what nail art you might want to do for Easter manis this year.

KKCenterHK is an e-tailer that sells a variety of beauty products including nail polish and nail art supplies.
They have an especially large range of water decals including heaps of Special Occasion or Holiday decals.

Source: KK Centre HK

I wanted to review these ones because I love all the nail art where the heads of animals are painted on the tips of girls nails and I wanted a quicker way to achieve the look.

The advantage of water decals is that you can't really screw them up! You can fiddle with their placement as much as you like without damaging your nail polish or the decal. Just add a few drops of water and the decal can be moved again.
Once you are happy with how it looks (and you give it a minute for all the water to evaporate) just apply a layer or two of top coat to seal it and you're good to go!

Dollish Polish Hip Hop Hippity Hop with WDHHK154 water decals

The colour is quite washed out because the lighting set up was less than ideal, but the photos are still true to life of the decals.
I didn't have any issues applying the decals. I managed to fold a few into themselves (because I was applying them a bit barbarically!!!!)  but all I had to do was put them back in water and they looked as good as new.
I used two coats of Revlon Color Stay Top Coat to seal the decals and they wore really well.

NB: This was the original Hip Hop Hippity Hop that Dolly reformulated and replaced when the glitter sort of melted a little and curled at the very edges. I still like this version as long as I have a thick top coat, but I really need to get my mitts on the current formula before Easter this year!

KKCenterHK's decals cost between around  $2.82 -6.39. Each pack generally contains 20 decals.

If you like the look of these ones do have a look at their website.
The Coupon Code NPA10 which KK provided for my readers last year is active until the 31 January so get in quick!  is now active until 31 January 2014. It entitles you to 10% your order and it is located on my left hand sidebar.



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  2. These are super cute and look great over Hip Hop Hippity Hop!

    1. Thanks, I loved how the decals were really similar in colour to HHHH


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