Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 24: Inspired by a MOVIE

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Hey everyone,

My favourite movie of all time hasn't changed since I was 4 years old.

Care Bears in Wonderland

It combines the Care Bears - the best cartoon & cuddly toy creations ever - & Alice in Wonderland - one of the best kids story's based upon drugs ever!
I put this tape on everyday after preschool/primary school for years. To this day I can pretty much recite each line word for word in time with the movie - so don't watch it with me, I'll ruin it. Mum once told me that she used to hide my video tapes when she couldn't stand seeing them anymore :) I used to have four or five movies playing on loop including The Lion King, The NeverEnding Story & Cinderella. Ooohh and the Little Rascals. And Free Willy I & II. Awh I really want to watch Disney's Cinderella now; I love the chubby mouse!!!

Anyway, to keep the manicure simple I painted each of my favourite bears' belly's with their unique symbols on my nails.


The Care Bears I based the mani on (except for the elephant)

My stubby (short & chubby) fingers

Thumb - Pinky: Tender Heart, Swift Heart, Brave Heart, Grumpy , Good-Luck

Swift Heart's heart is meant to have wings on it, but my weird light blue blobs don't really give that impression sorry! And that's meant to be a crown on Brave Heart's heart. I ran out of room to draw the little hearts under Grumpy's rain cloud :(

My favourite bear is Grumpy! He steals the show in the film too. Seriously, everyone should watch Care Bears in Wonderland, especially if you have kids. They'll love it!

Yay only a few more days til this challenge is over! It's been a real challenge and at times I've enjoyed it, but I'm well over it now! It's cured my need to constantly change my nail polish though. Now I'm craving the ability to just paint my nails 1 colour and leave them for a few days - even a week! Perhaps after this challenge ends I'll do wear tests or something?

Hope you enjoyed today's effort. I need to ponder what I'm going to put on my nails tomorrow now!

til tomorrow my polish mavens,


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