Monday, 21 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Movie Manicure

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Hey ladies,

I saw Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 yesterday (I didn't hate it, just the wolf scene really - it reminded me of the kids calling on Captain Planet and him saying "With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet! - I pissed myself laughing - not sure the elderly couple beside me appreciated it but I'm always a horror to sit next to at the movies - I pre-empt every laugh out loud moment + lots of others no one else either gets or finds amusing with my seriously loud cackle. It is fun to embarrass my friends and family though!!!) and in honour of the film I did a special (yet not nail arty) mani.
FYI I took these photos under my lamp.

I'm an on the fencer when it comes to Team Edward vs Team Jacob (who am I kidding, if Jake wasn't so young I'd be on him having his wolf babies sooner than an addict on crack. Bella is a FOOOOOL, but she gets to have pretty hot vampy sex & Edward's rich so ...), so I ordered both sets of water decals off the Evil Bay much earlier in the year.

On my left hand I'm wearing The Volturi  & on the right I'm wearing The Wolves from the Breaking Dawn trio I bought from Dollish Polish. I probably should have worn The Cullens for my Team Edward hand but I thought the Red symbolised the Vamp choice and more importantly went with the red heart on the decal!!!
I just used OPI Alpine Snow under the water decals because I wanted to make sure you could read them.

In real life the decals looked a lot clearer (but I fumbled them a lot before I actually placed them properly on my nails so that's why they look pretty cracked in macro).

I loved looking at my ring fingers the last two days (that's why there is some tip wear - I'm so rough on my hands!!) - it always put a smile on my dial :)

Lisa Stanbury, dearest friend - these are the decals I am sending you - I'm sorry this parcel has been taking me months to actually send. This week it goes out for realskis!!!

Hope you like.



  1. This is awesome! love the decals. I completely agree about the wolf scene too! i cringed when that happened, it was just so bad!! TBH I was a little disappointed by the movie. hopefully the next one is better

  2. Yeah, I feel like they missed out all the key lines (Like Edward yelling at Jake that Bella's heart was still beating or she wasn't dead - something like that & Jake never offered to give her babies) & emotions were missing. Instead they played up heaps of stuff that flew by in the book. I did like the wedding speeches though - they injected a bit of comedy!!! All the movies have disappointed me a bit thus far though. I bet if BBC had made the Twilight Saga in to a mini series it would have done a better job!!! I'll send you a few of the decals if you email me your address :)

  3. I am not a twilight fan at all!!! Please don't send me haTE MAIL!!! Love your nails-so pretty!

  4. @ Fingers don't worry I'm not a hater, I like the story of Twilight (book) but I think the writing is actually pretty awful TBH!! I wish J.K Rowling or someone who actually knows how to write had been the author!!! What breed is the cat in the middle of your photo? Is she a Birman?

  5. I'm not a fan of Twilight but I love those water decals, I know some friends that would kill for those! They're really cool, and they look great with the colors you used

  6. @barliny you can find lots of cheap water decals on ebay. I think these were from an Australian seller, they have things like care bears & sesame street, all cartoons really!!


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