Sunday, 13 November 2011

Day 30: Inspired by a TUTORIAL

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The day finally arrived that I got to try out the famous SPLATTER manicure...

How could you not love this?! It's playing with straws and paint - reminds me of arts and crafts at preschool!!!

I thought it'd be a great time to try out a few of my new polishes - Nubar Boyfriend Jeans & Dark Wash Jeans from the Nubar Jeans Collection (kind of lame-o name Nubar - couldn't it have been Dark Wash Denim at least?) which are awesome blues, and a nudie from OPI, Samoan Sand.

I read the tutorial from The Polishaholic on splatters and just went for it. I took these pics outside in the lovely sunshine :)
I used 3 coats of SS as a nude base, then splattered 1st with DBJ - got a huge gloob on my ring finger & when I splattered on the BJ (oops) I got a massive gloob in the exact same place. They say you can't go wrong with a splatter, right?

Anyway, I think the results are awesome & the only thing that really takes time is taping around my nails so my fingers don't get covered in the polish. Do you like my colour combo too?

This is by far my favourite challenge thus far. And tomorrow ends it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still trying to decide what/whose look to recreate... Ideas?

Hope you are all having fandidilly-astic Sunday/Saturdays.


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