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Husband's Frankens: Winter - Gold Collection

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Kia Ora koutou katoa,

How is everyone? Can you tell I've been putting off doing the last 31 Day Challenge? I just don't want to do any more nail art! I'm arted out!
Instead I've been swatching for you and today I have the AMAZING set of frankens (home made polish - mixed from scratch or mixing several different polishes and/or glitter, pigments together) I purchased from My Nail Graffiti last month.

Amber's artist husband started frankening a little while ago which led to him creating four polishes in a Halloween theme. They started selling them off her blog & they were such a success that he got right to work on a Winter Collection.

I missed the boat on the Halloween ones; but by then I had started following Amber's blog so as soon as the Winter Frankens were available I snatched myself up some. He made two different sets: Gold & Ice.
I bought all four Gold polishes (full coverage glitters) & just one Ice (layering & colour-shift top coats).

Here are the best holiday polishes to come out this year! Please click on the photos to enlarge and better see the detailed glitters.

Five Golden Rings


close-up of bottle - natural light

FGR consists of 5 different gold glitters in a clear base. There's small & large flaked glitters, some micro & even round glitter in here. And I also see some ultra fine more orange glowing glitter every now and then ( I think it might actually be holo), when the lights hit it just right. Anyway it's very complex and completely opaque in 3 coats. I love it. Yellow gold isn't really my colour but I just don't care -I'm going to be wearing this one anyway. Especially on the fifth day of Christmas!

Gleaming Red

outdoors - overcast

outdoors - overcast

outdoors - sunlight
 GR is an orange red glitter bomb. Set in a clear base is small gold flaked glitter (same as in FGR), possibly some small red flakes too larger red flakes, micro gold & red, standard red glitter & that same fine sparse holo glitter that mainly glows orange. Phew! That's a lot - and I might be wrong but tht what it looks like to me. This is my only Christmas red that really feels christmasy to me because of it's warmth. Lots of the others have too much pink/blue in them. I just adore it - it really gleams.




close-up of bottle - natural light
 Evergold is mix of green, gold and even a little blue glitter in a clear base. Again, it appears to have gold micro glitter and small flaked glitter like the other two. But it also has standard green & blue glitter and I suspect green micro glitter. This one might have some fine holo particles in it too but it's not as evident as in the other two.

Golden Rainbow

outdoors - sunlight

outdoors - sunlight

close-up of bottle - sunlight
 Golden Rainbow is a mess - and I mean that in a good way - of orange, gold, blue, red/pink and holo glitter - possibly plenty of other colours too, but it's just too hard to tell! What it results in is an amazing holo glitter that lives up to its name. It seems like the main coloured glitter is orangey gold and no doubt it has the same small flaked gold glitter as the rest. I think that's one of the things that makes the Gold set so cohesive - they really belong together! The holo effect is so ridunk-ulously awesome my camera couldn't attempt to do it justice. This one doesn't have an overt xmas theme to it either so I'll be wearing all year round!

All of these polishes are 2-3 coaters. I prefer 3 coats because it gives them more depth but a couple really only need 2 for full coverage. The formula is thick but very manageable & the brushes are flat, shortish and wide with a slight curve so that it's easy to avoid painting your cuticles! They look like the Wet & Wild bottles to me. Sorry about the tip wear going on in the photos - I didn't wrap my tips and used Seche Vite as a top coat so that added to the shrinkage thing.
The only issue these glitters have is that they are seriously thirsty/dying of hunger & therefore are desperate to eat/drink your topcoat. Most only needed 2 coats of Seche Vite but Golden Rainbow really needed 3 (2 when I first applied and one the following morning). And if you like a super smooth glossy finish I'd go ahead and add another layer of top coat to them all! It's certainly worth it though.

I can't wait to see what Amber's husband comes up with next. They also sell XL & XXL stamping plates on her blog so check them out.

Hope you guys are in love with these as much as I am



  1. Oh my! That close-up of Golden Rainbow is drool-worthy!

  2. @ alexandrarc Golden Rainbow is just awesome-sauce. I so wish I had a camera that could capture the rainbow mish mash. If I can get my hands on a 5mL empty bottle I might have to add GR to the 50 follower giveaway pack I'm trying to assemble


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