Thursday, 10 November 2011

There's a SINNER in us all...

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Guten Arbend all,

I bought 3 of the BB Couture Sinfully Polished Collection polishes a little while ago and I can't wait any longer to show you these gems!
Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge.



Gluttony (Girl's) - one sin I'm woefully guilty of :( But the polish is just beautiful! A lilac pink that is almost a jelly with fine shimmery/sparkly particles. I'm seriously in love - my prettiest pink! It was pretty thin in consistency and took 3 coats, but it built nicely and applied well. I only have cuticle drag because I gave almost zero dry time in between coats. I think this would be gorgeous in spring and summer.




 Jealousy (Men's) - is really hard to categorize. It appears to be a dark grey base with a strong pinky/purple/brown shimmer and the same flaky glitter as Gluttony (wish I knew what they called that kind of glitter darn it - anyone know?) and some greenish micro glitter. It's complex and unusual and I love it! This was more of a 2 coater, but I did thin layers so I ended up with 3 coats. Can't remember the formula being troublesome so I think it was good...



Lazy Bum (Men's) - Is even harder to describe than Jealousy! It actually has a lot in common with Romeo from the Infamous Lovers Collection, It's just browner & less pink. Overall Beauty calls it a tan blush. I think if it as a rusty/red sort of pinky brown? It's just too hard! I'll leave you to decide - but the pics are pretty colour accurate - you can see a tinge more red/orange IRL, maybe. This has sneaky sparse red and black micro glitter in it and that same amaze-balls flaky glitter (that is sort of silver/white) like the other two above. This is my official favourite. It's just so different and the finish is idyllic. If memory serves this was also 3 thin coats.

I love all 3 BB's - I wish they were a little cheaper so I could buy way more! Just a note on the formula & brush etc because BB is a new brand to me:
BB's are rather thin in consistency and take around 3 coats to build to bottle colour/opacity.
They take a bit longer to dry than I'm used to - but the dry time isn't unreasonable. I use a quick dry top coat so it's not really a problem except in between coats.
The brushes are long, thin and narrow - again, not a problem, I just had to adjust my application technique because I get used to the flat, thick, wide OPI ones!
BB Couture is touted as a 4 in 1 formula - Base, Colour, Top Coat & Strengthener - I can't comment on that because I've only swatched them, but they're cruelty free so that makes me happy!

You like?

Night, night

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