Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 23: Inspired by a SONG

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Jar of Hearts by Christina Perry,

In theory this was my proudest moment in nail art. I thought I would be a nail art rock star.

In reality, I'm not really sure what the heck happened. Scratch that, my awful nail art skills is what happened!

It was raining when I took this photo outside, so that explains the drops of water and the slight blurriness - I wanted to get back in to the dry, warm house!

So my thumb is the jar of hearts, index is christina perry's hair with the blonde skunk streak in it, middle is supposed to be a black rose and some petals cos they fall continuously during the video, ring finger is the dementor moment when the guy is sucking the girl's hearts out of their bodies (really weird if you ask me!), and the pinky is the fishnet stockings she's wearing in the video clip.

Now imagine how awesome this mani could have been if someone like the Nailasaurus had done it?!

I'm off to my shame corner now.
Hopefully the next time you hear from me I'll have Movie inspired nails that don't look god awful :)



  1. Ola, parabens pelo blog, ele é lindo. E muito obrigada por seguir meu blog, seja bem vinda.

  2. Muito obrigado.
    Eu amo seu blog muito também.
    I did that using google translate. Hope it makes sense. Thank you xxxx


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