Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 27: Inspired by ARTWORK

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Hellloooo lovely readers,

I woke up this morning
The sunshine was shining
I put on my HAPPY FACE
I'm living, I'm able
I'm breathing, I'm grateful
To put on my HAPPY FACE

Gotta love Destiny's Child - it is so gorgeous outside today; hot and sunny with a slight breeze! Sure beats the overcast and showery last few days.

I saw the play Red earlier this year so I based today around  some of Mark Rothko's works.

It was a real slap dash job. I had almost zero time so I painted a base of  A England Perceval and sponged on some black and white.



Isn't Perceval gorgeous?! I can't wait to stamp with it! I used two coats but I think 1 would be plenty. It has such a beautiful formula & glows out the yin yan! Hmmmm, never used yin yan as a saying before. Not sure it becomes me.

Anywho - only 4 more days to go! Might put some more effort in tomorrow. Maybe... I don't find flags too inspiring :)


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