Monday, 15 August 2011

OPI Grape... Set... Match Swatch & Review

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I just realised I hadn't posted this beaut yet, so I thought I'd better get it up quick!

Indoors no flash

Sunlight - shows blue shimmer duochrome

Indoors without flash - shows pink shimmer duochrome

I was pleasantly surprised by GSM from the Wimbledon leg of the Serena Glam Slam releases. It looked so gorgeous in the swatches I had seen & ta da... it looked gorgeous in person too! It has the same formula/finish as OPI Ink but it is a Violet with duochrome shimmer. In sunlight the blue shimmer was most obvious, but in the shade I saw a lot more of the pretty pink shimmer! The pinkiness warms the violet up (kind of makes it look like there is some red in the formula) so it actually suits more skintone - bonus! I would have worn it anyway!!! This was 3 coats, but I could have got away with 2.
The one downside? The brush was crazy wide. First I just thought OPI had redesigned their Prowide brushes. Then upon application I realised it just must be a brush anomaly. It must have been squished extra tight when attached to the brush end because it was barely able to fit down the neck of the bottle & I could only apply it to my pinkie side on (that covered it in 1 stroke!) or the whole tip of my pinkie would have been covered in polish. It was kind of a mission but very entertaining to my friend to watch me apply, then clean-up!
While this made me a bit reluctant to wear GSM again, the formula was lovely & with a bit of a technique adjustment I could probably cut down on the clean-up.

Seeing as it was probably just my brush that had this issue -  have heard of quite a few OPI brush inconsistencies - I would definitely recommend GSM - probably the best of the Serena Glam Slam colours thus far.

xxx NPA


  1. That stinks about the brush but I guess it happens I once got a polish that the brush was completely missing! lol it was funny, this color is beautiful Im really starting to like purples and I need this one.

  2. Wow I hope you got a refund! It really is gorgeous, definitely get in to purples! Purples are probably my favourite colour of polish mmmm. Zoya have some hot looking ones like Mimi, Julienne & Danni


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