Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I was meant to be swatching, but....

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I got a puppy instead!
Went out to do the grocery shop and run some errands with mum; one being to buy Charlie (mum's 2 yr old maltese) a better toothbrush. Instead after 3 visits in 2 hours we came home with an 8 week old maltese pup! He's gorgeous just like his big brother was.
Wish I had a photo of him to share but the afternoon's been filled up with introducing him to his new home etc and then watching him every second of the hour in case he has an accident on the carpet. BTW he did, but it was such a small spot I almost missed it. He's tucked up in his crate now so I can finally post something worthwhile.
He's a little no-name at the moment so if you have any suggestions for cute little white fluff balls, I welcome them. I want him to have a name that goes well with Charlie, so that I can write a book series about them being doggy superheroes or something and the title can be The Adventures of Charlie & Chase or something cool sounding. Mum already vetoed Chase :( To be fair I like it more as a title than an actual name for the little guy....

Getting on with it -
Braziliant will have to be pushed back till tomorrow, I just hope the sun goes along with my plans!

I have the Essie Carry On swatches here for you now. I couldn't be bothered swatching a whole hand and then do a comparison too so I  just did comparisons swatches with the closest colour in my collection, sorry.

Out of this World, Very Structured & Did Someone Say Party?

Essie Very Structured, index- OPI Out of this World, ring-OPI Did Someone say Party?

middle-pinky: VS, DSSP?, VS

I am in lust with Very Structured. Perfect in 2 coats, love the pigmentation, like the brush. I was worried it would be too close to my burnt orange/cinnamon cremes but it was so much darker - possibly 1 shade darker than these photos show - and really unique to me. I shouldn't have even bothered comparing Out of this World & Did Somebody Say Party? Even though it's not the colour one associates with chocolate, it made me think of melted milk chocolate a bit. Perfect for autumn anyway. Feels chic.

Essie Carry On vs OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (index & ring) -  indoor lighting
With Flash

 Hmmm... Carry On is very dark. Indoors it just looked dark brown to me. It is a dark plum creme so I guess that's why it looks brown. In sunlight it is a deep plum but if you aren't a lover of this type of shade I wouldn't bother. Lincoln Park After Dark was the closest I had - looking at it now I would say it has a similar base colour as I'm Fondue of You. But LPAD is one of those jelly/creme finish polishes so these were never going to look too similar & LPAD is much blacker in appearance and an eggplant purple under light. Perfect application though - 2 coats.

Essie Power Clutch & Sew Psyched (middle finger)

Second favourite of the Collection! It's like they started with Sew Psyched and added a ton of grey. I want to call it a sage charcoal - a charge or sarcoal - creme!   Flawless. It looks like there's some blue in it too (well duh from the grey!). Applied same as the others, 2 coats.

Demure Vixen, Lady Like

Essie Lady Like & Demure Vixen (middle finger)
2 coats Lady Like + 1 Demure Vixen vs 3 coats Demure Vixen (middle finger)

Lady Like is also awesome. It's pretty much Demure Vixen in a creme finish. A greyed out light pink. It is a bit darker than DV though as you can see. I really liked the layering because it fixes the VNL problem you get with DV but you get to enjoy the purple-y shimmer! Fabulous 2 coater like the rest of the collection. Mum Approved colour!

I was impressed with this mini cube, I only wish Essie would make .25 oz minis rather than measly 1/8 oz. Fantastic brushes though, I'm about 80% sure they're the same as the full size brushes - maybe slightly shorter? Does anyone know? I might have to buy the full sized bottle of Very Structured - I'll see how I go. I am kind of interested in how Glamour Purse & Case Study would look next to my skin, but I'm pretty happy with what came in the cube.

What do you think?

xxx NPA

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