Thursday, 4 August 2011

Stampy Stamp: Orly Frolic + BM 204

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 My Bundle Monster plates showed up the other day & I finally got a chance to try them out.

Here is 2 coats of Frolic + a flower pattern from BM 204 in Konad SP Pink.

 I'm so bad at stamping full nail designs! My nails seem too curved for the stamp to go all the way to the sides. I know that's crap & I just need to practice more but it's so messy that practising isn't too 'fun'. I like the solour combo though.Cleaning up my cuticles would have helped too...middle & ring look kind of straight and presentable.

Lisa over at Never Ending Obsession has spotted the new OPI Touring America Collection out in Farmers now. I like a lot of the colours but too many of them are really dark and I think they'll turn out black looking unless in really bright light so will pass on those & the greys. They just look bad on my skin and I already have enough for my liking!!!

Looking forward to Freestyle Friday?!
xxx NPA

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