Monday, 22 August 2011

China Glaze Metro Collection Swatches & Review Part 2 - Shimmah & Glittah!

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Hehehehe... (cackles) on to the fun half of the collection!

 CG in the City has a clear base, with bronze, silver & purple (I think, it's hard to tell) glitter pieces in it. I think they call it micro-glitter (very fine pieces). Quite pretty, takes 3-4 coats to be opaque so it'll make a good layering polish. I have seen it over Urban Night and it looks very pretty!

 Skyscraper is like Dorothy Who?'s older, darker sister! A dark blue jelly base, with navy & silver micro-glitter (same size as in CG in the City). Only 2-3 coats to be opaque hooray! I used 3 in the photo above but if I wasn't photographing it I could have left it at 2 coats. Not at all gritty, either.

Midtown Magic is an extremely dark plum (so appears dark brown) with gold glass fleck like glitter/shimmer throughout. This reminds me of Side Saddle but they are not at the same.Side Saddle is winey in colour  & only has shimmer, no glitter flecks. MM is gorgeous & sophisticated! 2 coat was perfection.

Trendsetter is one of those ugly colours that I adore!!! Sort of a mustard but darker, murkier, a bit more green to it than the usual mustard offerings. And it has glass fleck shimmer going on!!!! Same style as Classic Camel, which I LOVED! 2 coater also.

The formulas were awesome on these 4 too. On the thick side but very manoeuvrable and fantastic pigmentation. I wish all CG's were like this! Fingers crossed for future releases. I have no regrets about these guys & would recommend them to everyone!

xxx Michaela

P.S I had a very sad Sunday evening; had to perform a lengthy Nubbin-ectomy on all my nails because most of them had split below the tip :( The upside? Starting tomorrow I will be starting THE NUBBIN DIARIES! Basically a series of posts trying out polish looks for fellow nubbin-ites (solidarity!) & tracking the regrowth & maintenance of my nails. They have never been this short before :(
But, do not fear ye of feminine, lengthy nails! I have lots of swatches in the vault from my last few hauls & shall be showcasing them also.

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